FILE São Paulo 2015
the new e-motion
From June 16th to August 16th


FILE 2015 – Electronic Language International Festival takes place this year from June 16th to August 16th at Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso. In its 16th edition, the festival occupies the Art Gallery of SESI-SP, the Digital Art Gallery (the facade of the FIESP building) with the FILE LED SHOW, and the Mezzanine Floor, where a series of workshops takes place. The festival exhibits the interactive installation “Solar Pink”, by the North American group Assocreation, in the sidewalks of Avenida Paulista, and the installation “Arart” in the subway stations Trianon-Masp and Consolação. Created by Japanese artists Takeshi Mukai, Kei Shiratori and Younghyo Bak, this work creates dynamics in iconic art history paintings using an app for mobile devices.
The FILE 2015 exhibition, that takes place at the Art Gallery of SESI-SP, gathers artistic proposals in several forms such as interactive installations, games for multiple platforms, animations, video art, GIFs, WebGLs, web art and electronic sounds.
The festival also exhibits a projection subtitled in Portuguese of the award-winning movie “Shirley – Visions of Reality”, directed by Austrian filmmaker Gustav Deutsch, a contemporary cult cinema icon. Never shown before in Brazil, the film is based on 13 paintings by American painter Edward Hopper.
The participation in all activities of FILE 2015 is free

Gustav Deutsch – Shirley – Visions of Reality – Austria
Launch and single presentation on June 16th, 2015, 8 PM, at SESI-SP Theater.
13 of Edward Hopper’s paintings are brought alive by the film, telling the story of a woman, whose thoughts, emotions and contemplations let us observe an era in American history.

Alexandra Dementieva – Breathless – Belgium
In this installation, the ribs surrounding the viewer react to the data, lighting up as results render matches with the alternating words related to the concept of fear and desire found in the RSS and web feed. When he blows on the sensor, the pattern of illumination changes, and the words on display begin to fade. The simple act of breathing becomes visible and important as a symbolic resistance to the power of the mass media.
anno lab: Sadam Fujioka, Takeshi Usami, Nariaki Iwatani & Masahiro Ihara – A Tail of Spacetime – Japan
In this installation you can interact with your past self by touching a monument in the center of the room, which represents a tail of space-time. If you want to shake hands with your past self, you have to imagine that your future self wants to shake hands with you.
Assocreation – Solar Pink Pong – United States & Austria
“Solar Pink Pong” is a hybrid of street and video game. Players of this game can interact with an animated pink sunlight reflection on the street using their bodies and shadows.
Bego M. Santiago – Little Boxes – Spain
“Little Boxes” shows tiny people projected onto wooden boxes. Towards the giant spectator the mini crowds could hang out when no one’s around, move into a “fear area” when someone comes close, start to run, hide from a new “attack”, and escape in groups.
Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen – Swing – Germany
“Swing” makes a dream of flying come true. While swinging you leave the drab monotony of everyday life behind, find a place to ease your mind and regain your strength. The use of a 3D oculus enhances this experience with virtual reality, creating a unique immersive adventure and sending you to a crafted watercolor world.
Donald Abad – Fated Ascent – France
By looking at a pile of rocks through a tablet or a smartphone, visitors can reveal the presence of one of them, virtually linked to the rocks. Mixing land-art, performance, and psycho-geography, Donald Abad’s installation reveals the memory of what is inanimate.
Håkan Lidbo & Magnus Frenning – Big Beat – Sweden
“Big Beat” is an interactive, choreographic, social giant drum machine, that is also a game. Stretch out in unknown bodily positions to reach the buttons and create rhythms. Make new friends to create even funkier beats together.
Índice: Jonattas Poltronieri, Luis Mello, Pedro Venetucci & Rofli Sanches – Phantom Limb – Brazil
“Phantom Limb” provides an interaction similar to one of the main treatments to phantom limb, a phenomenon that afflicts people who have suffered amputation of limbs or organs. Just like the original mirrored box, the installation is a rectangular unit where the user inserts his arm and is urged to move it in different ways.
Kenny Wong & Chloe Cheuk – Iris – Hong Kong
“Iris” is a pair of hands that communicates with participants by hand gestures solely. Through interacting with the work, the audience will then discover and create the language to “talk” with her, which leads to the investigation of human’s behavioral codes by manifesting hand gestures.
Lea van Steen & Raquel Kogan – Futuro do Pretérito – Brazil
“Futuro do Pretérito” transports us to the universe of the visitor through customized glasses. We see what he has seen and the time he used them. At the same time, a sound intervention and a device that makes him see what’s behind him act over the visitor.
Minha Yang – Meditation – South Korea
Numerous symbols are expressed in irregular patterns of sound through the three audio-visual installations. The sound is transformed, resulting in the image of waves sinking inside. Through these processes, this installation can be the right tool for meditation.
Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak – Border Mover – Slovenia
“Border Mover” is a pneumatic mechanism that enables a 2D video image to be transferred to a 3D space. The installation explores physical and psychological borders, and deals with the contemporary individual being, who is trapped in overwhelming technology and the routine of their everyday existence, which resembles the monotony of operating machines.
Oli Sorenson – Video Pistoletto – Slovenia
Large scale LCD video screens are pierced, producing cracks on the glass surfaces. The liquid crystals splash within the fragments and give the impression of organic forms trapped under light boxes. This work confronts us with a paradoxal twist: an absurd action forged in the same relentless flight of obsolescence and waste as our current consumerist media feeding frenzy.
Ozge Samanci, Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi & Daniel Sabio – Plink Blink – United States
“Plink Blink” allows three participants to make collaborative music by blinking their eyes. In contrast to its quiet nature, blinking is rhythmic and a resourceful input for sound generation.
POLYMORF: Marcel Van Brakel & Frederik Duerinck – Hardwired – Netherlands
“Hardwired” consists of around 18,000 LED-lights that symbolize the transfer of knowledge. Individual luminous pixels connect and then disappear. In a process of constant transformation, new patterns, interrelations and complexities emerge.
Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti – PAREDE | WALL – Brazil
“PAREDE” is a kinetic and interactive structure made from 45 mirror finished aluminium sheets which, in a chain reaction, rotate 180°. The chain reaction happens according to the visitors’ actions. Just like domino, when someone passes by one of the installation’s extremities, they trigger an action mechanism; the sheets turn, one by one, until they rotate.
Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti – TRAÇA | BOOKWORM – Brazil
“BOOKWORM” is a reading-talking machine, an automaton book designed to perceive the environment and express what it sees via fragments of literature.
Ronald van der Meijs – A Time Capsule of Life – Netherlands
“A Time Capsule of Life” is an interactive sculpture created from plastic bags, which form a transparent structure of cells and conduits. Connected to air tubes, the bags are pumped up depending on the movement of the audience, which becomes part of the system. Without the presence of an active spectator the sculpture falls back slowly. Supported by Mondriaan Fund.
Zoro Feigl – Detour. A long and winding road to nowhere in particular – Netherlands
A machine that constantly combs a green tape over the floor and so creates constantly changing patterns while the green material is moving the machine in return. A constant dance between machine and material emerges. Supported by Mondriaan Fund. Collectie Voorlinden, Wassenaar.
Zoro Feigl – Poppy – Netherlands
As a giant poppy flower, this piece of tarpaulin unfolds itself above the viewer to show an elegant dance of waves and curls while within this dance a violent battle emerges between gravity, friction and centrifugal forces. Supported by Mondriaan Fund.
Paloma Oliveira & Mateus Knelsen – Monomito – Brazil
“Monomito” is a multimedia performance in which the performer crosses the public space wearing an apparatus that recognizes visual patterns of human faces, “kidnapping” them and projecting them in the mask of the performer, as well as other places in the space he crosses.
Vitor Freire – IJO – Brazil
“IJO” was born with the objective of reframing the place of dance and a re-appropriation of the public spaces. By positioning themselves in front of the work, the participants have a visual representation of their bodies exhibited in real time on the Fiesp building. Dance to tell who you are.
Takeshi Mukai, Kei Shiratori & Younghyo Bak – ARART – Japan
“ARART” is an application that breathes life into objects. It links reality with the expressions delivered through mobile devices adding new stories and values to the real environment.

This year, FILE Anima+ presents 107 short films from innovative and experimental artists who work with different techniques and approach various subjects.
For the first time, FILE Anima+ offers an award: the FILE Anima+ Award. With over a hundred works submitted in different techniques, 6 animations were chosen to be awarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places; and three honorable mentions.
As a highlight, the festival also presents a new exhibit proposal called “Cutting Edge Animation”, with 23 animations from 13 artists that are part of the collective Aboveground Animation, an itinerant showcase of animations, videos and musical performances, and of artists from all over the world.
Besides this proposal, FILE Anima+ exhibits the awarded animations by the most important animation festivals of the world through partnerships established since 2011 with Japan Media Arts Festival, Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, SICAF, SIGGRAPH, and ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival.

1 Adrian Regnie I. Mexico
2 Agrawal Shri Hanuman Chalisa 3d India
3 Alan Becker Animator vs. Animation IV United States
4 Bartok Luz, Sombra e Medo Brazil
5 Douglas Alves Ferreira O menino que sabia voar Brazil
6 Etter Studio: Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach Plug & Play Switzerland
7 Javier Longobardo Believe the Lie Spain
8 Johan Rijpma Descent Netherlands
9 Johan Rijpma Division Netherlands
10 Marcelo Castro DALIVINCASSO Brazil
11 Martin Smatana Rosso Papavero Slovakia
12 Mauro Carraro Aubade Switzerland
15 Pedro Harres Castillo y el Armado Brazil
14 Província Studio: Iuri Araújo &
Guilherme Araújo Batalha das Máscaras Brazil
15 Tiny Inventions: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter Between Times United States
16 ノガミカツキ After Remnant Japan
1 Cody Critcheloe Woman United States
2 Emanuele Kabu It’s called “Moon” Italy
3 Erin Dunn Red Monkey United States
4 Hugo Arcier Fiction 1 France
5 Hugo Arcier L’affaiblissement Progressif des Ressources France
6 Hugo Arcier Nostalgia for Nature France
7 Hugo Arcier Surface Mouvement Surface Lumiere France
8 Hugo Arcier & Mathilde Marc Camgirl Odalisque France
9 Kathleen Daniel Lovin United States
10 Katie Torn Breathe Deep United States
11 Katie Torn Dream House United States
12 Katie Torn Geo Crash United States
13 Katie Torn The Calm Before the Storm United States
14 Lale Westvind Flesh Gun United States
15 Lauren Gregory Triptych United States
16 Martha Colburn Film for the author Diana Wagman and Electric Literature United States
17 Martha Colburn Film for the novel ‘Human Events’ United States
18 Martha Colburn Here comes another lesson United States
19 Martha Colburn Wrong Time Capsule United States
20 Matthew Newman-Long Eyes on You Baby! United States
21 Ryan Whittier Hale Cluster United States
22 Shelley Dodson Fissure Ritual United States

1 Adrian Regnie U. Mexico
2 Bittler: Bittler Serge Bernard &
Bittler Théo The Other World France
3 Carolina lolas Parasitaje a Théngu Chile
4 Cody Critcheloe Woman United States
5 Danny Madden All Your Favorite Shows! United States
6 Danny Madden Confusion Through Sand United States
7 Darren Pearson Lightspeed United States
8 David Mussel Estrela Brazil
9 David Schaffer Trees France
10 Dmitry Zakharov Inside Me Germany
11 EID/COBURN: Celia Eid &
Robert Coburn Interstitial Traces France
12 Emanuele Kabu It’s called “Moon” Italy
13 Erin Dunn Red Monkey United States
14 Evan Mann Pure Concentricity United States
15 Fernanda Frick When I’m Scared Chile
16 Gabriel S Moses ENHANC[=MENT | an augmented graphic novel – a quick presentation Germany
17 Glasz DeCuir Disappear (Crossing Simulator) Spain
18 Greg Barth Hello Play NYE promo England
19 HEM Giocando Con I Bottoni Italy
20 Henning M. Lederer The Whale Germany
21 Hugo Arcier Fiction 1 France
22 Hugo Arcier L’affaiblissement Progressif des Ressources France
23 Hugo Arcier Nostalgia for Nature France
24 Hugo Arcier Surface Mouvement Surface Lumiere France
25 Hugo Arcier & Mathilde Marc Camgirl Odalisque France
26 Hugo Cierzniak Dip N Dance France
27 Hugues Clément G L E A M Canada
28 Impromptu: Lucas Pelegrineti Grynszpan, Lucas Ribeiro Rodrigues & Vinícius Franco Tanto Faz Brazil
29 Jan Goldfuß 2=1(+1=n) (Cold Memories 2) Germany
30 Jan Goldfuß Foldedolors Germany
31 Jan Goldfuß Space-Fluid #5 Germany
32 Jason Nelson City Forest and the Sandy End Australia
33 Jason Nelson The Fences Divide Five Australia
34 Javier Longobardo When Girls Collide Spain
35 Joanna Bonder Digits Poland
36 Joanna Bonder Rope2 Poland
37 Joey Cheers, Teon Simmons & Fishy Thom The Orca Awareness Project United States
38 Joshuah Howard, Svenja Keune, Lorenz Potthast & Jonas Wiese (Urbanscreen) The Colony – A Tale on Textile Germany
39 Julien Bisaro Bang Bang! France
40 Karin Tueta The Winepress France
41 Kathleen Daniel Lovin United States
42 Katie Torn Breathe Deep United States
43 Katie Torn Dream House United States
44 Katie Torn Geo Crash United States
45 Katie Torn The Calm Before the Storm United States
46 Kelli Anderson NPR-Talking While Female United States
47 Lale Westvind Flesh Gun United States
48 Lauren Gregory Triptych United States
49 Leo Uehara Un día Argentina
50 Liliana Farber Where X and Y Israel
51 Lorenzo Oggiano Quasi-Objects / Cinematic Environment #8 Italy
52 Martha Colburn Film for the author Diana Wagman and Electric Literature United States
53 Martha Colburn Film for the novel ‘Human Events’ United States
54 Martha Colburn Here comes another lesson United States
55 Martha Colburn Wrong Time Capsule United States
56 Matthew Newman-Long Eyes on You Baby! United States
57 Max Hattler Shift Hong Kong
58 Max Hattler Unclear Proof Hong Kong
59 Max Hattler X Hong Kong
60 Mike Pelletier Time of Flight Netherlands
61 Nicolás Rupcich Untitled Germany
62 Oleg Elagin The Unknown Technician Russia
63 Paulo Passaro Coco de Elevador Brazil
64 Péter Vácz Rabbit and Deer Germany
65 PetPunk A Story About a Badger Lithuania
66 PetPunk Woos Lithuania
67 Província Studio: Guilherme Araújo & Iuri Araújo Aniz, a bruxinha aprendiz Brazil
68 Pu Shuai Cheng Consciousness Spin Project Taiwan
69 Robert Hloz Numbers Czech Republic
70 Rodrigo EBA! Graffiti Dança Brazil
71 Ryan Whittier Hale Cluster United States
72 Sandrine Deumier & Alx P.op MagicalGarden France
73 Shelley Dodson Fissure Ritual United States
74 Shima Baleia Brazil
75 Simona Muzzeddu Borderline Psychotic Activity Italy
76 Siyu Mao Graphic Destroys the Universe Germany
77 Stephen Hilyard One Life United States
78 Susanne Wiegner [meine heimat] Germany
79 Susanne Wiegner At the museum Germany
80 Susanne Wiegner Home! Sweet home! Germany
81 Susanne Wiegner Kaspar Hauser Song Germany
82 Susanne Wiegner The light – the shade Germany
83 Thiago R Linhas de Contenção Brazil
84 Tutsy Navarathna MetaPhore India
85 Ulf Kristiansen Jealous guy Norway
86 Wayner Tristao A chuva de cada um Brazil
87 Wilson Borja Babochka Colombia
88 Wilson Borja Chere Colombia
88 Wrik Mead Draw the Line Canada


Be There! Corfu Animation Festival 2014
1 Adam Schachner The Old People Museum Canada
2 Beatriz Herrera Carrillo Moskina Mexico
3 Csaba Gellár Blackwood – How to Write a Blackwood Article Hungary
4 Dao Thi Thuy Linh Dinosaurs Czech Republic
5 Effie Pappa My Stuffed Granny United Kingdom /Greece
6 Hannes Rall Si Lunchai Germany & Singapure
7 Kim Noce The Waterbearer United Kingdom
8 Nassos Vakalis Dinner for Few United States
9 Rebecca Archer Canuck Black United Kingdom
10 Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Ruben Pirito & Giulio De Toma Office Kingdom Italy
11 Shaun Clark & Kim Noce The Key United Kingdom


1 Alan HOLLY Coda Ireland
2 Anete MELECE The Kiosk Switzerland
3 Augusto ZANOVELLO Women’s letters France
4 Dong-Cheol YOUM I’m So Sorry Mom Koreia
5 JOUNG Yu-Mi Love Games Koreia
6 Kari PIESKÄ No Time for Toes Finland
7 Yan-Tong ZHU My Milk Cup Cow Japan

ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival

1 Becho Lo Bianco & Mariano Bergara Inercia Argentina
2 Bjor-Erik Aschim & Sam Taylor Everything I Can See From Here United Kingdom
3 Philipp Artus Snail Trail Germany
4 Raf Wathion DAY_6011 Belgium
5 Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso Padre Argentina
6 Spela Cadez Boles Slovenia & Germany
7 Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann Virtuos Virtuell Germany

Japan Media Arts Festival

1 Fuyu ARAI 1347smiles Japan
2 Hiroyasu ISHIDA Rain town Japan
3 Kohei YOSHINO (networks) ab_rah Japan
4 Kunio KATO The House of Small Cubes Japan
5 MASAHIKO SATO + EUPHRATES Issey Miyake A-poc Inside Japan
6 Masanori OKAMOTO I am alone, walking on the straight road Japan
7 Masashi YOKOTA Kiokuzenkei Japan
8 Morihiro HARANO, Jun NISHIDA, SeiichiHISHIKAWA, Kenjiro MATSUO, Mitsuo TSUDA & Toshifumi OISO Xylophone Japan
9 Takashi NAKAMURA Shashinkan (The Photo Studio) Japan


1 Alessandro Pacciani DARK SOULS II
2 And Maps And Plans Coda
3 Animation and Digital Art School of Communication University Of China A Warrior’s Dream
4 Aug&ohr medien MeTube: August sings Carmen Habanera
5 Autour de Minuit Ascension
6 Autour de Minuit HOME SWEET HOME
7 Autour de Minuit Sun of a Beach
8 Autour de Minuit My Little Croco
9 Autour de Minuit ESCARFACE
10 Autour de Minuit Greenfields
11 Autour de Minuit Treo Fiskur
12 China Central Academy of Fine Arts Journey Of My Memory
13 Delapost Paris Space Cat Hob
14 Digic Pictures Digic Pictures Autour de Minuit
15 Digipen Institute of Technology Level 1457 Last
16 Emily Carr University of Art and Design Happy & Gay
17 ESMA 100m
18 ESMA Monkey Symphony
19 ESMA Beyond the lines
21 ESMA Forward, March!
22 ESMA La vie en vert
23 ESMA L’Incroyable Marrec
24 Ilion Animation Studios Mortadelo y Filemon contra Jimmy el Cachondo
25 Je Regarde Juste de l’eau
26 Je Regarde Land
27 Jelly Studio Story Muh
28 Light Chaser Animation Studios Little Yeyos
29 Media Design School Over The Moon
30 Media Design School Shelved
31 Method Studios General Electric ‘Childlike Imagination’
32 Method Studios DirecTV ‘Troll’
33 Method Studios White House Down – Destruction of the Capitol
34 Method Studios Iron Man 3 – The ‘Extremis Effect’
35 Method Studios Infiniti ‘Factory of Life’
36 Method Studios Divergent – Behind the ‘Mirror Room’
37 Middlebury College 11 Paper Place
38 ModernEye Light Motif
39 Niv Shpigel LOAD
40 Passion Pictures Nike ‘The Last Game’
41 Passion Pictures Bank of America ‘Gladly Tuesday’
42 Ringing College of Art and Design The Prize Inside
43 Ringling College of Art and Design The Legend of the Flying Tomato
44 Sarah Kambara Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou
45 School of Visual Arts Monster
46 School of Visual Arts Cupidiculous
47 Sève Films Initium
48 Sève Films Atome Luce
49 Sève Films Amasia
50 Sève Films Un Conte
51 Sève Films Myosis
52 Sève Films Meet Meat
53 Sève Films Fol’Amor
54 Sève Films Floating in my mind
55 Taiwan University of Arts Red Spot
56 The Monk Studio Co. Ltd. Nine


1 Alien Trap Apotheon Canada
2 Ana Ribeiro Pixel Ripped Brazil
3 Arachnid Games Ballpoint Universe: Infinite United States
4 Behold Studio Chroma Squad Brazil
5 Brace Yourself Games Crypt of the NecroDancer Canada
6 bracket]games Three Fourths Home United States
7 Broken Rules Secrets of Rætikon Áustria
8 Compulsion Games Contrast Canada
9 Croteam The Talos Principle Croatia
10 grapefrukt games rymdkapsel Sweden
11 inkle 80 Days United Kingdom
12 inkle Sorcery! United Kingdom
13 Loveshack Entertainment FRAMED iOS Australia
14 Mi Clos Studio Out There France
15 Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach / Etter Studio PLUG & PLAY Switzerland
16 Might and Delight Shelter 2 Sweden
17 Minority Media Spirits of Spring Canada
18 Mixed Bag FORMA.8 Italy
19 Modern Dream LA Cops United Kingdom
20 Monogon Games Interloper Netherlands
21 Over the Moon The Fall Canada
22 Pocket Trap Ninjin Brazil
23 Polyculture Prune United States
24 Santa Ragione FOTONICA Italy
25 Sarepta Studio Shadow Puppeteer Norway
26 Spaces of Play Future Unfolding Germany
27 SuperChop Games Ephemerid United States
28 SuperGiant Games Transistor United States
29 Tale of Tales Sunset Belgium
30 Upper One Games / E-Line Media Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) United States
31 XXIIVV Oquonie Canada
FILE 2015 presents a curatorship with a profile of the current video artistic production, with around sixty works from artists of more than twenty countries. The purpose is to bring forth the work of young people who seek to develop their own poetics and languages through video.
1 Alejandro Casales And Death Shall Have No Dominion Mexico
2 Alexandra Dementieva Sleeper’s Tapestry Belgium
3 Alison Bennett Inverto Australia
4 Anna Tolkacheva Fragments of Dissapearing Russia
5 AUJIK Plasticity Unfolding Japan
6 AUJIK AnxOxna Japan
7 Barbara Oettinger Catharsis Chile
8 Benjamin Rosenthal & James Moreno Human, Next: Phase One United States
9 Benjamin Rosenthal & James Moreno Human, Next: Phase Two United States
10 Brit Bunkley Kafka’s Sisters New Zealand
11 Bruno Costa Tympanum Brazil
12 Bruno Mendes da Silva Neblina Portugal
13 Christoph Korn Eingedenken Germany
14 Christoph Korn
Pneuma Germany
15 Daniela Toledo Imminent Body Chile
16 Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou Here but not here at all at the same time United Kingdom
17 Devis Venturelli Suburban Rhapsody Italy
18 Emiliano Zucchini Capturing Memories Italy
19 Felix Frederick Drki Australia
20 Hye Young Kim Intimate Distance United States
21 Jeroen Cluckers Oneiria Belgium
22 Johan Rijpma Descent Netherland
23 Justin Lincoln Columns United States
24 Maciej Piatek aka Vj Pietrushka Kaspar Hauser Song United Kingdom
25 Maciej Piatek aka Vj Pietrushka Contemplating Hell United Kingdom
26 Marc Neys & Sigrun Höllrigl (text) A Blue Animal Bows Austria
27 Marc Neys aka Swoon Five Miles (Simple Brushstrokes on a Naked Canvas) Belgium
28 Mari Nagem Avesso Brazil
29 Marion Phillini, Maria Fernanda Calderon,
Jon Clair, Ella Phillips & Natasha Sabatini La tua vita per me United Kingdom
30 Mark Tholander Simulacrum Denmark
31 Mark Tholander #### Denmark
32 Mercedes Helnwein Cops and Nurses Austria
33 minus.log: Giustino Di Gregorio & Manuela Cappucci Sleeping Beauty Italy
34 Muriel Montini Je vais où je suis | I am going where I am France
35 Muriel Montini Ceux de la côte | The ones from the coast France
36 Nicolás Rupcich EDF (Error de Formato) Germany
37 Nina Ross Untitled #1 (Pregnancy) Australia
38 Nino Fournier A Propaganda Film – Part I & III Switzerland
39 Nino Fournier Portrait de la Jeune Fille en Danseuse Switzerland
40 Oksana Chepelyk COLLIDER_100: Kyiv 2014 Ukraine
41 Oksana Chepelyk COLLIDER_100: Sarajevo 1914 Ukraine
42 Oksana Chepelyk COLLIDER Ukraine
43 Po-Yen Wang Transience Taiwan
44 pryorart: Jutta Pryor, Teresa Mei Chuc & Masonik I took nothing Australia
45 Samuel Adam Swope ta-ta-ta-ta-ta→ Hong Kong
46 Sang Jun Yoo Disapparition United States
47 Sarah Oos Femme Chanel – Emma Fenchel Austria
48 Sarawut Chutiwongpeti Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams >> Peaceful…) Switzerland
49 Sebastian Tedesco China Argentina
50 Shaun Wilson Uber Memoria Part IV Australia
51 Sigrun Höllrigl & Hubsi Kramar (text) jumboshampoo or Joerg Bungee vanished on the rope Austria
52 Silvia De Gennaro Travel notebooks: Amsterdam Italy
53 Silvia De Gennaro Travel notebooks: Perugia Italy
54 Stephen Hilyard Waterfall United States
55 Stuart Pound To be a Ghost United Kingdom
56 Stuart Pound Bottle Dance United Kingdom
57 Tahir Ün The Game Turkey
58 Vallet Aliénor Versus France
59 Vallet Aliénor Epic of a disquiet France
60 Yasmin Davis Knife Dance Israel
61 Yasmin Davis Out of Sync Israel
62 Yasmin Davis Still Israel
63 Youyou Yang Pre-Invention of a Time Machine: Interview with s.t. Betamon Germany


FILE 2015 presents two new curatorships with GIF and WebGL works. Using as a starting point photography, drawings, illustrations, and interactive animations, all of them explore and point out to original possibilities of use and artistic expression.
1 Anne de Boer Ikarus United Kingdom
2 Bill Domonkos GIF Image: Stallion by Currier & Ives, c1867 United States
3 Bill Domonkos Heirloom United States
4 Bill Domonkos Smoke man United States
5 Carla Gannis The Garden of Emoji Delights United States
6 Dušan Čežek Pixelomics (Hulk) Yugoslavia
7 Dušan Čežek Pixelomics (Hulk) Yugoslavia
8 Dušan Čežek Pixelomics (Superman and Wonder Woman) Yugoslavia
9 Erdal Inci SchelsischesTor piece Turkey
10 Erdal Inci Lichtgrenze Turkey
11 Erdal Inci Duo Jump Turkey
12 Ioshi Sodeoka Psychedelica Japan
13 Ioshi Sodeoka Pollock GIF number 94 Japan
14 Ioshi Sodeoka Pollock GIF number 98 Japan
15 Ioshi Sodeoka Pollock GIF number 99 Japan
16 Kyttenjanae Emptiness Seeping through United States
17 Kyttenjanae Fine i am fine United States
18 Kyttenjanae Energy United States
19 Paul Robertson Creation Australia
20 Paul Robertson Expedition Australia
21 Paul Robertson Data Australia
22 Rollin Leonard Body Wave United States
23 Stephen Vuillemin sem título Italy


1 Chris Shier Gifmelter Canada
2 Chris Shier sbcs/00a.06 Canada
3 Chris Shier line Canada
4 Chris Shier line/05×5 Canada
5 Chris Shier line/03 Canada
6 Chris Shier 29/30i Canada
7 Damien Mortini House United Kingdom
8 Einar Öberg Tornado Suécia
9 Einar Öberg Plus & Minus Sweden
10 Einar Öberg Lathe Workshop Sweden
11 Jon Svenonius Pearl Boy Sweden
12 Matthias Wolff Delight-engine – Camera Demo Germany
13 Nicolas Jaenen Motion Pixie Belgium
14 Ryan Alexander Streetview-Stereographic United States
15 Vince McKelvie Marble United States
16 Vince McKelvie Sway United States
17 Vince McKelvie Backflips United States
18 Vince McKelvie Runners United States
19 Vince McKelvie Cartwheel United States
20 Vince McKelvie Runner Undulation United States
21 Vince McKelvie Huddle United States
22 Vince McKelvie Bod Undulation United States
23 Vince McKelvie Emoji United States
24 Vincent Morisset Just a reflektor Canada
25 Vincent Morisset Way to Go United States


1 Anne Pasanen &
Geo Panagiotidou Kalevala Book Visualisation Finland
2 Anni Garza Lau A Pragmatic Digital Art Manifesto Mexico
3 Basic Bruegel: Valerie LeBlanc & Daniel H Dugas Flow: Big Waters Canada
4 BiarritZZZ Possawsubawater Brazil
5 Chang Liu Wild Growth United States
6 Daniel Peixoto Ferreira Join Us Brazil
7 Daniel Peixoto Ferreira Learn Brazil
8 David Clark The End: Death in Seven Colours Canada
9 Duda Ecos #1 Brazil
10 ENRIQUE FRANCO LIZARAZO D-sonus: aplicativo para criação audiovisual em dispositivos móveis Brazil
11 Ewa Doroszenko & Jacek Doroszenko Soundreaming Poland
12 Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, Tokyo Metropolitan University, The Asahi Shimbun Company & Tokyo Metropolitan Archives The Tokyo Olympic Archive 1964-2020 Japan
13 Iono Allen Butchery France
14 IP Yuk-Yiu Clouds Fall Hong Kong
15 Jason Edward Lewis Vital to the General Public Welfare (The PoEMM Cycle) Canada
16 Jason Nelson The Required Field Australia
17 Jean-Michel Rolland Biosphere France
18 Jean-Michel Rolland The Endless Journey France
19 Jenny Lin Replay: A Memory Game Canada
20 Jody Zellen Time Jitters United States
21 jtwine UltraHyperDrone United States
22 Justin Lincoln The Stroboscope United States
23 Les Riches Douaniers: Gilles Richard & Fabrice Zoll Tableau Sisyphéen (Sisyphean Picture) France
24 Livia Mateiaș Strings Romania
25 Luigia Cardarelli Landscape Italy
26 Luigia Cardarelli The Unspoken Words Italy
27 Luigia Cardarelli Imagined Time Italy
28 Luis Hernandez-Galván This place you see is about to be no more… Singapure
29 Michael Takeo Magruder Data_Plex (Babel) United Kingdom
30 Paganmuzak Rotational Chaos Italy
31 Rachel Simone Weil, Torley & Nathalie Lawhead Monkey Fortunetell United States
32 reVoltaire kinema ikon: serial / season one Romania
33 Roberto Stelzer Poesia 3D Brazil
34 Ryota Matsumoto the High Overdrive and Its Undefinable Consequence Japan
35 Ryota Matsumoto the Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory Japan
36 Ryota Matsumoto Voided by the False Vows of Time Japan
37 Second Front: Patrick Lichty, LiZ Solo, Bibbe Hansen, Yael Gilks, Doug Jarvis & Scott Kildall Red Dog For Freddie Herko United States
38 Will Luers Phantom Agents United States


1 Alejandro Casales Adsem Varien Mexico
2 Alexandra Dementieva Piano Insight Belgium
3 Antonio Mazzotti I have not seen you on the jumbotrons at TimeSSquare Italy
4 AV3EZ: André Victor & Bruno Bez Gangorra 2.0 Brazil
5 AVOIDANT & Márcio Paranhos AVOIDANT, Black Curtains Portugal
6 Coletivo Madeirista: Joeser Alvarez & Ariana Boaventura Alegoria Brazil
7 Jacek Doroszenko I had to recompile the Kernel Poland
8 Jacek Doroszenko & Ewa Doroszenko The same horizon repeated at every moment of the walk Poland
9 Mehrdad Entities Iran
10 Pedro Lacerda & Blond:ish No place like gnome Brazil
11 Riled Up: Mike Celona &
Riley Beats It’s All Fun & Games Until Somebody Puts an Eye Out United States
12 Roberto Zanata Gypsum Italy
14 XCEED: Chris Cheung Hon Him, Lam Chi Fai, Jason Wong Chun Kit & Jeff Kwan Kai Yin RadianceScape / 輻射界 Hong Kong

1 Daniel Gazana Solaris Brazil
2 DUO b + JpAccacio: Marcelo Bressanin,
Pedro Ricco Noce,
João Paulo Accacio &
Andrei Thomaz Fluente Brazil
3 Eisuke Yanagisawa Ridge Line Japan
4 irrthum: Luciano Irrthum &
João Gabriel Unconfortable Brazil
5 Joceles Bicalho Atari Punk Brazil
6 Juan Carlos Vasquez Collage 4 “Landscape” Finland
7 Julian Scordato Constellations Italy
8 Marco Ferrazza Fluttuazioni Italy
9 Marco Ferrazza Radiale Italy
10 Roberto Zanata Nero Siderale Italy
11 sampler b: Beto Ehongue,
Rafle, João Sima, Baé Ribeiro & Hugo Benígno Sampler B Brazil
12 Sandrine Deumier & Alx P.op Mdr_test508 France
13 Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy Télémaque France
14 Swoon For Zachary Belgium
15 Swoon Intrusion Belgium
16 Total Unicorn: Lyman Hardy III, Lindsey Taylor & Stephen Fishman Total Unicorn United States
17 Uwe Heine Debrodt Organica Mexico
18 Uwe Heine Debrodt Exhalation-land Mexico
19 Uwe Heine Debrodt Ritual 2 Mexico
20 Yuko Katori & Sonia Esse Le jardin suspendu France
Entry Form:
Aieda Freitas – Building interactive narratives with Processing and Arduino – Brazil
June 16th to 18th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Andrei Thomaz – Time machines – Brazil
June 16th and 20th, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Bernardo França – From head to toe: all the process of an illustration – Brazil
June 20th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Fábio Yamaji – Stop Motion animation with origamis – Brazil
June 16th and 17th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Gabriel Camelo – Slit Scan GIF: distorting GIFs in time – Brazil
June 19th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Marcos Vieira Lobo – Soundtrack composing for games and apps – Brasil
June 17th and 18th, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Marlon Tenório & Marcelo Castro – Paper Cut Animation – Brazil
June 20th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Moisez Vasconcellos – Creative programming through the software ISADORA – Brazil
June 18th and 19th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Paul Robertson – Pixel Art and GIF animation – Australia
June 16th and 17th, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Vanessa Remonti – How to conduct/plan an animation short film – Brazil
June 16th to 19th, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Victor-Hugo Borges – Animation series development – Brazil
June 19th, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
FILE 2015
Electronic Language International Festival

Art Gallery of SESI-SP
From June 16th to August 16th
Every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, entry permitted until 7:40 PM.
Digital Art Gallery SESI-SP
From June 16th to July 19th
Every day, with public interaction from 8 PM to 10 PM and exhibition of visual works from 10 PM to 6 AM.
Work Futuro do Pretérito [Raquel Kogan & Lea van Steen]
Avenida Paulista, 1313. Near the Trianon-Masp subway station.
From June 16th to June 20th
Every day from 12 PM to 8 PM
FILE Metro (Subway)
Stations Trianon-Masp and Consolação
From June 15th to July 19th
Every day from 10 AM to 8 PM
Exhibition of the movie Shirley – Visions of Reality [Gustav Deutsch]
Theater of SESI-SP
June 16th at 8 PM

Mezzanine Floor
From June 16th to June 20th
From 9 AM to 10 PM
Age: 16 and older.
Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso
Av. Paulista, 1313
In front of subway station Trianon-Masp
Free admission
All ages admitted
+55 11 3146 7405
Group scheduling: Monday to Friday on the phone 55 11 3146 7396. Contact: Leni Arietti.