Victor Ioan Pricop

WAVE Pavilion

victor ioan pricop‘

source: designboom
west kowloon cultural district in hong kong establishes a new attractive and vibrant place with culture and people at its heart. accordingly, the design of victor ioan pricop’s highlighted pavilion entry of the hong kong young architects and designers competition 2017 is seen as a reflection of the values of the region by emphasizing on the idea of a big, theatrical curtain, draped on the site. by its very nature, the curtain forms flexible boundaries that change the space. when the curtain is down, it creates informal semi-private pockets, where people can relax, looking up at the sky. similar to theatrical performances, when the veil is lifted it provides opportunities for various programs blending art, education and public space.

hong kongese based architect victor ioan pricop‘s proposal pays tribute to the local textile industry. the defining element is a white, spectacular, floating fabric that extends 6 meters above ground and consists of more than 800 m² of pet recycled material. moving around the pavilion, one can observe different levels of transparency and opacity. this effect is achieved with a 3D triangular pattern. taking their shape by gravity, the curtain waves billow gently with the wind and change their appearance as people sit in. at night, darkness conceals the supporting structure while subtle floor mounted light fixtures create the appearance of floating waves.