Vroegop and Schoonveld

turning the light around

Vroegop and Schoonveld turning the light around

source: ceac99org
Matty Vroegop and Ed Schoonveld is a Dutch artists-duo (project tutors art & design) staying as artists in residence at the CEAC in Xiamen, China, from february 15-th until june 15-th 2008.

MAKING AN EXHIBITION: The book ‘return to launch site’ will be released during an exhibition of their work in the CEAC Art Centre. Opening on Friday May 9-th 2008 at 5 PM exhibition until Saturday May 31-st. They will make an installation about their findings researching the display and organization of goods in whole sale trade and shops in China, trying to understand this structure and the way of organizing. They will construct a fundamental display about their findings. Re-arrangements and new combinations within this installation might challenge new thoughts about art and industry, sculpture and context.


Impressed by daily life in China Vroegop / Schoonveld decided to construct a model, based on the display of goods in wholesale trade and shops, within the CEAC Art Centre in Xiamen trying to understand structure and the way of organizing. Especially how life itself is displayed within those shops, where goods and family (daily- ) life closely meet. Their installation ON DISPLAY, a fundamental model about their findings, within the context of the Art Centre, might challenge new thoughts about objects and products, sculpture and context. The installation is partly constructed as a living room where visitors can take a seat and watch a short movie ‘observations’ the artists made during their stay in China. Impressions from Shenyang , Beijing , Shanghai , Dehua and Xiamen can be seen.

‘return to launch site’ is a book which will be released during the opening of this exhibition. This book, printed in Xiamen , contains photographic images made in India , USA , Europe and China by Vroegop/Schoonveld. A selection of images they made during intense observation of their surrounding world. Professor Qin Jian, head of the Multi Media Department, Art College , University of Xiamen China and professor Petran Kockelkoren, holds a chair in Art and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente The Netherlands , did write texts in this book reacting on the photographic works.

On most aspects of their artistic activities V/S aim on co-operation and cultural exchange, like the production of the book closely co-operating with printers and binders learning skills and techniques ánd within their installation which is about researching differences and similarities in Chinese– and Dutch culture. V/S are also teaching students from the Art College, Multi Media, University of Xiamen during multiple workshops this spring and summer, where co-operating and cultural exchange [workshop OUT OF PLACE ] are of main importance.