Desiree Palmen

Дезире Палмен
“艺术家自己制作了迷彩服。 对于她的每张照片,在她选择的每种环境中,她都设计了一套新衣服,必须一次又一次地以最高精度制作,否则幻影效果将不起作用。 通过将人物与背景结合起来,Desiree Palmen达到了令人惊讶的视觉效果,需要对观察者的眼睛做出特殊的努力:它必须解开平面和空间.”



United Visual Artists

our time

Our Time (2016) is the latest large-scale installation by United Visual Artists investigating our subjective experience of the passing of time. How long is a moment? At what rate does time actually pass? The work joins a series of kinetic sculptures that began with Momentum (2013); an installation designed as a ‘spatial instrument’ that was to reveal the relationship between expectation and perception when intersected with a physical space.
Our Time defines a physical environment where pendulums swing at a pace apparently unhindered by the laws of nature and where no single time measurement applies. The installation combines movement, light and sound as a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional canvas the visitor can enter. Pendulums swing, each to their own rhythm, as time flows through the grid. With light tracing the path and sound its echo, the passing of time becomes almost palpable.