En transit
Deux faisceaux de lumière rapides traversent une pièce, créant des ombres infinies sur une série de cadres blancs flottants. Il s’agit d’In Transit X, une installation sombre et basée sur une pièce qui fait allusion à un vide sans fin. Les effets vertigineux d’In Transit X placent le spectateur dans un espace artificiel monochromatique. L’installation lumineuse animée de 15 mètres de large de l’artiste Hc Gilje a été réalisée à l’origine pour les Wood Street Galleries de Pittsburgh en 2012 et a récemment été exposée le mois dernier au Kulturkirken Jakob à Oslo. En utilisant des cadres en forme de blocs et de la lumière comme supports, Gilje crée des dimensions visuelles dynamiques qui se prêtent à une expérience noirâtre fascinante.

Maxim Zhestkov

Pulsar 2021
“New dimensions inside monuments. An excerpt from my art project Pulsar 2021..”⁠ Maxim Zhestkov

Anna Sokolova

ONE SHAPE, ONE SQUARE, ONE EXECUTION, ONE TRANSCENDENCE consolidates three quotations from the writings by the minimalist artist and philosopher Ad Reinhardt. The works in question are “Abstract Painting, Sixty by Sixty Inches Square”, “On Negation” and “There is just one painting”, a fragment of which has been taken as a work title. The text “On Negation” is turned into sound and used to cause the vibration of the black square plane that has the same dimensions as “Abstract Painting” by Ad Reinhardt.

Yihan LI

Since the emergence of time as a concept, the circle has been a graphic representation that registers and measures the passing of seconds, minutes, hours, and even decades. . . . The torus may be seen as a three-dimensional form utilized to represent time as it travels through a cyclic loop. The geometric shape of the torus speaks of duration, of looped time, and of transformations along and in time. In this project, Boolean operations between varying tori in multiple dimensions indicate the interaction between durations—possibly time in addition to time, or interactions diluted by time—that reveal a new architectural realm featuring free curves which direct visitors’ movements inside flowing spaces. People will lose the perception of direction or time and find themselves worshipping in open and serene volumes.

Luiz Olivieri

Espaco Ressonante
…immersive and interactive, in which the public can enter bodily. Each work has dimensions of 150 x 120 x 60 cm, and is composed of wood, speaker, magnifier, acrylic and a 10-minute audio.

Florence To and Ricardo Donoso

quintesence (QTSNSE)
Visualising a process of elements that represent the development of the psychic process, symbols will represent elements of the subconscious, telling a story of how memory may be disorientated, distorted, dysfunctional yet acting as a linear process to individuation. Using contemporary classical composition techniques & elements of sound system culture to heighten the viewers engagement with the different dimensions of space being presented and to enhance their depth of perception.

hc gilje

in transit
Two swift beams of light travel through a room creating infinite shadows on a series of floating white frames. This is In Transit X, a darkened, room-based installation that alludes to an endless void.The dizzying effects of In Transit X place the viewer into a monochromatic man-made space. The fifty-foot-wide animated light installation by artist Hc Gilje was originally made for the Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh in 2012, and recently went on display last month at Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo. Using block-like frames and light as the mediums, Gilje creates dynamic visual dimensions that lend themselves to a mesmerizing noirish experience.