Tilman Küntzel

Falling Chandelier
L’installation audiovisuelle Fallen Chandelier est basée sur une sonification d’un système de contrôle provoquant le scintillement de quarante ampoules à l’intérieur d’un lustre tombé. Vingt starters interconnectés, similaires à ceux que l’on trouve couramment dans les tubes fluorescents, génèrent un rythme lumineux irrégulier. Cela se produit au moyen de bilames qui sont chauffés dans un tube et entrent ainsi en contact les uns avec les autres en séquence rapide. Ce processus est audible. Chaque démarreur génère son propre rythme, qui a un son différent selon la marque, la composition et le degré d’usure des démarreurs. « J’écoute d’abord beaucoup de starters avant de les utiliser pour une installation dans le sens de la composition. »


#define Moon_
[#define Moon_ ] consists of 9 rotating kinect light installations. It presents different postures of moon shape, exerting new sense experiences. The audience is allowed to explore through various ways of looking and bring curiosity to the installation by watching from different angles. By thinking of the science spirit, once again, viewer can define and understand the concept of this work of their own.

Bernardi Roig

Mallorcan artist Bernardi Roig (b. 1965) installs six sculptural works in unexpected interior and exterior spaces, challenging visitors to rethink the definition of the museum. Roig draws parallels between his and Honoré Daumier’s works, both of which offer poignant social commentary. Roig addresses the existential dualities of entrapment and liberation, blinding and illumination, absence and presence. Typical of the artist’s work are the cruel-looking white plaster figures cast from real people, often cornered or crushed against walls or twisting in pain. By including the element of light—whether a single light bulb, neon tubes, or fluorescent lights—Roig’s work blends minimalist forms with highly charged expressions of anxiety and loneliness.


Light Tree: Interactive Dan Flavin
HYBE’s Light Tree: Interactive Dan Flavin re-illuminates the minimalist fluorescent light tubes of Dan Flavin from the 1960s, through digital technology. Experimenting with light and its effect, Flavin explored artistic meaning in relationships between light, situation, and environment. The readymade fluorescent light fixtures he used created space divided and adjusted by light and composition, offering a newly structured space with light. HYBE’s work expands the logic of Flavin by reinforcing the physical property of light through interactive media. It presents an escape from traditional lighting, as light and color changes when touched by viewers. Lighting here is divided into front and back, and colors are programmed to maintain complementary colors. The front lighting constantly interacts with colors on a back wall through visual contrast and mixture. A random change and diffusion of light with the involvement of viewers provokes tension extending and segmenting space, turning space into a forum for emotional perceptual experience.

Sterling Ruby

Резиний рубль
Стерлинг Руби
Στερλίνα Ρουμπίνι
El monolito naranja fluorescente de Sterling Ruby, SPECTRE, aparece como una aparición en el desierto. La brillante escultura geométrica crea una ilusión óptica discordante, que se asemeja a un compuesto o collage con Photoshop, como si algo se hubiera eliminado o borrado del paisaje. El bloque actúa como un cifrado o sustituto, imitando la forma que podría ser: un contenedor de envío, un búnker militar, un objeto no identificado, un hogar abandonado. La naranja fluorescente se usa tradicionalmente por seguridad, como advertencia. Aquí esa lógica se invierte: un objeto fantasmal, apartado del entorno natural, escondido a plena vista.


White Circle
»White Circle« consists of fluorescent tubes that respond to musical impulses and illuminate the room. Five dedicated compositions by alva noto, byetone, frank bretschneider, and kangding ray playing in a continuous loop (one set takes ca. 45 minutes) model the interrelation between sound, light, and architecture in different ways. Each piece represents an independent and self-contained conceptual proposal by the respective composer. All tracks are multichannel compositions based on the idea of creating a vivid immediate experience of auditory space and visual stimuli. With acoustic material routed to twentyseven speakers placed throughout the gallery, sound itself takes on a threedimensional and indeed sculptural quality.

toyo ito

تويو ايتو
טויו איטו
도요 이토
Palladian Basilica
This is the imagery evoked by Ito at the Palladian Basilica: “The austere hall has dissolved into a fluid volume, inside which float luminous and almost vital algae for the dozens of visitors who “swim” and group around, like fish in a fluorescent abyss, or in an urban “aquarium” “.

Marleen Sleeuwits


Primarily working within abandoned office spaces, her process involves stripping the rooms down to their individual components, laying bare the layers found beneath the surfaces. She then re-assembles the room using materials found on-site, such as fluorescent tubes, paper towels, laminate, and tape, by adapting techniques of sculpture, painting and drawing.


True/False is a kinetic sculpture composed of arrays of circular black metal segments set in mechanical columns. Interlocking and rotating around fluorescent light tubes, the cylinders cover or expose the light to display an endless number of patterns. The transformation of the sculpture is based on the shifting elements and their correlation to each other. As the segments do not move independently, for any of the cylinders on a column to change, the segments affected must work in unison to achieve the command. Reminiscent of devices originally used for calculations, such as Turing machines, the sound originates from the mechanical movement of the moving parts thus making the algorithm audible. The rhythm of »true/false« is captivating as variations in the visual choreography result in distinctive changes in its soundscape. Through the generation of algorithmic patterns and the repetition of endless tasks, »true/false« transforms itself into something more than the sum of its elements to reveal the beauty hidden within a basic algorithm.

Latifa Neyazi

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

“One of the boldest statement pieces of the week, even more so than the fluorescent collections! Neyazi’s huge puffy fat suit resembling garment was incredibly unusual. The ballooning dress took on a very unique silhouette.The models were send down the runway wearing headpieces which matched the round bunched bottom shaped dress. The brown, beige and burnt orange colour pallet evoked a bonfire and the huge blown up dresses adhere to a fire form.” Chloe Alexandra Lawrence

Caitlind r.c Brown & Wayne Garrett

The hand-bent steel substructure of the sculpture is covered in a skin of incandescent light bulbs (new and burnt out), and rear-lit from within by 250 compact fluorescent bulbs, pulling a total power of approximately 20 amps (the equivalent of two household outlets  ).Each of these bulbs is attached to a pull-string, allowing viewers to control the illumination of the structure – like lightning in the CLOUD above them.

Dan Flavin

Untitled (to Barnett Newman) two
Dan Flavin was an American artist and pioneer of Minimalism, best known for his seminal installations of light fixtures. His illuminated sculptures offer a rigorous formal and conceptual investigation of space and light, wherein the artist arranged commercial fluorescent bulbs into differing geometric compositions. “I like art as thought better than art as work,” he once said. “I’ve always maintained this. It’s important to me that I don’t get my hands dirty. It’s not because I’m instinctively lazy. It’s a declaration: art is thought.”


mobius strip

The young Korean photographer, Ahn Sun Mi lets us discover her through self portraits. She opens up her poetic universe, a world between dream and reality, where nostalgic feelings cradled by childhood fairy tales and the pursuit of her own inaccessible and voluptuous femininity are the essence of her inspiration. Sun Mi envelops in her familiar world of childhood with her sweet self portraits where toys from the past come to reassure her in a friendly way. Soap bubbles, teddy bears, umbrellas and fluorescent wigs seem to travel with her to the Milky Way in her quest to become a mature woman.


Шон МакГиннис
The Webmaster
Des brins de couleur, tantôt rougeoyants tantôt fluorescents, s’entrelacent pour former d’étranges toiles. Ces sculptures sont installées à l’intérieur ou en extérieur, et changent selon l’angle de vue du spectateur. Elles interrogent le lieu qu’elles occupent tout autant que notre rapport à l’espace.

Ivan Navarro

Reality Show
The artist is known for the union between the neon and fluorescent and socio-political messages. His minimalist and modern sculptures and installations are guided by sharp social and political criticism, which has its origin in the artist personal history – that was born amid the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, in Santiago, in the 1970s. The dictator used to adopt, among other absurd practices, power cut as a way to impose curfews on people. A light to control the masses is a memory of Iván Navarro childhood and eventually became the major subject of his work.

Arcangel Constantini

Phonotube are experimental instruments for live audio visual performance, constructed as Luminous instruments and sound sequencers, that use fluorescent lamp tubes and LED strips, as light sources. The tubes are covered with negative ofsset, printed with sound patterns that spin at variable speed. The oscillation from the light emitted by these patterns is transduced to sound, processed by light excitation, a variety of electronic circuits as pre-amps with photo-cells and phototransitors, voltage control oscillators, relays, Filters, 1bit attiny85 micro controler. The technological principle is based on the photophone, patented by Graham Bell and inspired by audio visuals experimenters as Norman Mclaren,that used the optical sound technology of Film. In the history of the invention of electronic sound instruments, the study of light and its behavior as a particle or wave, and its application to sound processes, had a relevant position and is currently, one of the areas of scientific research with the greatest potential in human communication.


In Jonathan Jones’ immersive installation ‘untitled (the tyranny of distance)’, six free standing walls have been covered in blue tarpaulin and glow with filtered light from fluorescent tubes articulated in a continuous chevron design. The chevrons are derived from elements of traditional Koori (South Eastern Aboriginal) line work and resonate with Western minimalism.

Dan Flavin

monument for V. Tatlin

Dan Flavin était un artiste américain et pionnier du minimalisme, surtout connu pour ses installations phares de luminaires. Ses sculptures lumineuses offrent une investigation formelle et conceptuelle rigoureuse de l’espace et de la lumière, dans laquelle l’artiste a arrangé des ampoules fluorescentes commerciales en différentes compositions géométriques. «J’aime mieux l’art en tant que pensée que l’art en tant qu’œuvre», a-t-il dit un jour. «J’ai toujours maintenu cela. Il est important pour moi de ne pas me salir les mains. Ce n’est pas parce que je suis instinctivement paresseux. C’est une déclaration: l’art est pensé. »


لانغ باومان
랭 바우만

Com sua arte urbana exposta nas ruas das principais cidades europeias e ocupando espaços enormes e inusitados, Lang/Baumann produzem uma dinâmica de interação impactante com a arte.
Sabina Lang e Daniel Baumann são dois artistas suecos que se consolidaram através de intervenções urbanas interferindo na paisagem da cidades e produzindo uma nova interação dos habitantes com a arte e com a própria cidade. Suas obras vultosas podem ser apreciadas por um vasto público que circula pelas ruas onde, em fachadas de prédios, em ruas movimentadas, ou, ainda, em passarelas, elas são montadas/criadas. Mas os artistas não abrem mão, também, das instalações em ambientes internos, a fim de produzir uma variedade enorme de estímulos sensoriais no apreciador de arte contemporânea.
As obras dos dois artistas foram unificados em um único projeto em 1990 com a intenção de criar peças visualmente impactantes sob um único nome, Lang/Baumann. Entre suas obras de arte estão: uma grande escala de cores em asfalto urbano e em pontes conhecidas, luminárias fluorescentes, escadas inacessíveis, parasitas infláveis que invadem prédios, entre outras. Através do trabalho com geometria e a distribuição de elementos arquitetônicos as obras produzem um efeito visual deslumbrante.


왕 유양
artificial moon
Artificial Moon is a sculptural piece by Beijing-based artist Wang Yuyang constructed from hundreds of various compact fluorescent lightbulbs. At over 13 ft. wide (400cm) the piece is an imposing recreation of Earth’s moon, using strategically placed lights to mimic craters and other surface features. Its creation is also particularly poignant, as it was originally put on exhibit in Shanghai, a city that due to light pollution is often unable witness the actual moon moving through the night sky.


Dan Flavin è stato un artista americano e pioniere del minimalismo, meglio conosciuto per le sue installazioni fondamentali di lampade. Le sue sculture illuminate offrono una rigorosa indagine formale e concettuale dello spazio e della luce, in cui l’artista ha disposto lampadine fluorescenti commerciali in diverse composizioni geometriche. “Mi piace l’arte come pensiero più che l’arte come lavoro”, ha detto una volta. “L’ho sempre sostenuto. Per me è importante non sporcarmi le mani. Non è perché sono istintivamente pigro. È una dichiarazione: l’arte è pensiero. “