PROTOROOM Metamedia Collective

PROTOROOM은 테크놀로지 매체 기반의 키트(KIT)로 작업을 하는 메타미디어 콜렉티브이다. 여기서 키트는 감각하고 사유를 이끄는 메타적 매체로서, 컴퓨팅 매체의 근본적인요소를 직접 감각하는 기회와 함께 생태계의 일부화된 테크놀로지에 대한 사유과 담론을가능하게끔 연결해주는 매개자가 된다. 이를 이라는 주제로 전시, 워크숍 등의 작업으로 풀어내는 연작을 이어가고 있다. 2014년 부터 후니다 킴과 김승범이 활동하고 있다. 최근에는 전시 X 워크샵이란 형식으로 2016년 일본에서 NTT 인터커뮤니케이션센터[ICC] ‘Media Art as an Awareness Filer ’와 백남준아트센터 “우리의 밝은 미래 – 사이버네틱스 환상 “에서 기획전에 참여하였다.

PROTOROOM Metamedia Collective

PROTOROOM es un colectivo de metamedia que trabaja con kits basados ​​en medios tecnológicos (KITs). Aquí, el kit es un meta-medio que conduce al sentido y al pensamiento, y se convierte en un mediador que hace posible conectar el pensamiento y el discurso sobre la tecnología que es parte del ecosistema, junto con la oportunidad de sentir directamente los elementos fundamentales de la informática. medios de comunicación. Bajo la temática de este, continúa su serie de trabajos para desentrañar a través de exposiciones y talleres. Hunida Kim y Kim Seung-beom han estado activos desde 2014. Recientemente, en el formato de Exposición X Taller, participé en exposiciones especiales en el Centro de Intercomunicación NTT [ICC] Media Art as an Awareness Filer y Nam June Paik Art Center “Our Bright Future – Cybernetics Illusion” en Japón en 2016.


File Festival
Paul Robertson is an Australian animator and digital artist who is known for his pixel art used in short films and video games. He is mostly known for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game and the recent release, Mercenary Kings. Apart from his seasoned career as a game designer and movie creator, Robertson has been recently spotted on Tumblr with these GIFS. His interest in inserting flashing neon colors, geometric shapes, Japanese character animation, and 1990′s computer imagery, deems his work as heavily influenced by the Seapunk/Vaporwave aesthetic.


Мигель Шевалье
מיגל שבלייה
미구엘 슈발리에
Power Pixels
L’exposition Power Pixels se compose de deux installations de réalité virtuelle génératives et interactives : Complex Meshes 2020 et Oscillations 2020, oeuvre présentée pour la première fois au public. Oscillations 2020 permet une visualisation graphique en 3D de la musique de Michel Redolfi. Une forme d’onde se génère en temps réel selon les fréquences et les amplitudes de la musique. Ces spectres sonores des différents sons de la musique génèrent des paysages imaginaires à l’infini. Image et musique se répondent dans une fusion de nature émotionnelle qui participe à une véritable synesthésie.


The Global Pursuit of Happiness or: The Army of Luck
What would you do with 520 cat figurines? If you’re artist Boris Petrovsky, you might turn them into a massive kinetic sculpture that serves as a sort of pixel-grid display for user-submitted expressions of hope. In his installation The Global Pursuit of Happiness, or: The Army of Luck, Petrovsky arranges 40 rows and 13 columns of the popular Japanese lucky talisman, Maneki Neko (literally Beckoning Cat; aka Lucky Cat, Money Cat), into a golden army of kitsch.

Asif Khan

UK Pavilion at the Astana Expo 2017
At the heart of the UK pavilion is a stunning 60 metre panorama depicting a living, universal landscape generated entirely by computer. It captures the relationship between the Sun, the Earth and its climate in incredible detail through virtual day and night. At a stunning 40,000 pixels wide it is the largest project of its kind ever undertaken.


The Source
The Source, an eight storey high kinetic sculpture, is the new symbol for the London Stock Exchange. Every morning, millions of viewers around the world will watch the installation come to life, signifying the opening of the London Markets.
“The Source is formed from a grid of cables arranged in a square, 162 cables in all, reaching eight stories to the glass roof. Nine spheres are mounted on each cable and are free to move independently up and down its length. In essence the spheres act like animated pixels, able to model any shape in three dimensions a fluid, dynamic, three dimensional television.Visitors to the atrium are greeted by this motion: its particles rising and falling, generating an infinite range of figurative and abstract shapes that rise, dissolve and reform at different heights in the atrium. The shape of the sun rising on a new day of trade, the names and positions of currently traded stocks, the DNA helix at the center of life formed by the work, and floating in the 32m void of the atrium.”