De urbi mutanti

Mathieu Rivier

Panorama Augmente
Le projet du Panorama augmenté souhaite ici valoriser la richesse des représentations panoramiques de Morat et alentours au fil des siècles. En effet les représentations des paysages autour de Morat sont nombreuses et très emblématiques de la région. Les détails, la richesse des différents supports (gravure, peinture…) sont les derniers témoins d’une époque révolue. Leur format n’est pourtant pas souvent optimal pour une consultation de la part du spectateur : étant des représentations très allongées, sur feuille, ces derniers sont encadrés sur un mur et peuvent atteindre de grandes dimensions. De ce fait l’espace physique nécessaire à leur consultation n’est souvent pas compatible avec la réalité de l’espace physique qu’un musée peut mettre à disposition. La solution de numérisation de ce patrimoine tend à pallier à se problème mais la distance entre le spectateur la consultation virtuelle crée une distance évidente.

Woo Jung Chun

The library is a potent metaphor for knowledge that evokes images of organization, study, research and discovery. Libraries build relationships and connections and act as catalysts or laboratories for creative thoughts. Chun’s project is inspired in part by Jorge Luis Borges’ celebrated text, ‘The Library of Babel’ that compares the library to the universe with the grand idea that it is a repository for all knowledge and every individual truth. The universe is governed by an order that we can perceive only partially yet it evokes ideas of the infinite and the eternal – like matter it is neither created nor destroyed – it just is.

Ricardo Barreto and Raquel Fukuda

Chess Auto-Creative (Self-Replicating )
‘Chess Auto-Creative (CHEAC)’, takes the form of a cube where each face corresponds to an 8 x 8 chessboard. The six chessboards can also be arranged in a line to make them easier to see. There are 16 white pieces and 16 black pieces on each of the chessboards, made up of elements such as: kings, queens, bishops, knights, castles and pawns, each of which moves according to the rules of the game. However, instead of the pieces being arranged as normal, they are first set out in patterns where each element is repeated […]Each time a piece is moved to a new position, symmetrically or asymmetrically, a new variation of proto-chess is produced – in other words, a new game emerges. All games generated in this way are, in principle, variations of proto-chess – including the official chess game itself. This means that ‘Chess Auto-Creative’ is not a variant of the official chess game, but its origin.


Silvia De Gennaro

Travel Notebooks: Perugia
“Perugia” is part of a series of works titled “Travel Notebooks”.
Perugia is a magical three-dimensional chessboard where shafts of light alternating with shadow cones show the soft pink of stone or the dark damp of time.




A Game of Chess



Democracy, is a mirror reflecting the commodification of the democratic ideal. Empire at War, Molodkin’s portrait of an evangelistic George W. Bush, embodies the danger of theocracy – patriotism, nationalism, and religion are used to justify the most horrifying war crimes. Like a prismatic chessboard, Molodkin’s artworks articulate the contradictions between utopian ideals and reality.