Jonna Kina

Arr. for a Scene

“The sonic force of cinema’s most famous murder scene is investigated.Two foley artists recreate Hitchcock’s shower sequence, deconstructing the associations of aural signifiers, and the synesthetic power of sound. Jonna Kina contextualize this uncanny phenomenon — the “trans-sensory” quality of sound – within both Kina’s oeuvre, as well as other historical and contemporary works inside and outside the realm of art. In Arr. for a Scene (2017), Kina explores the structures and forms of cinematic sound – transforming an iconic image — the horrific shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) – into the sonic frequencies of quirky, seemingly innocent, domestic objects.” Melissa Ragona



Hitchcock Hallway
Hitchcock Hallway is a series of 11 consecutive rooms. The rooms are connected by doors and they all look alike. One room leads to the next similar looking room which leads to the next similar room and so forth. The rooms are not alike. When moving into the rooms from the lobby all dimensions of the rooms slightly decreases, this makes the first room 13,21 m3 and the last room 5,26 m3. The change from one room to the next is unrecognizably subtle, but over several rooms it’s distinct.

federico babina

Федерико Бабина
animates archidirectors

E se Hitchcock, Kubrick e Fellini trocassem fotogramas por fachadas? Essa é a pergunta que o ilustrador italiano Federico Babina se fez, imaginando como seriam as casas dos cineastas mais míticos da história do cinema. Nesta que abre a fotogaleria, o ‘arquidiretor’ Kubrick integra o olho de Hal 9000, o robô assassino de ‘2001. Uma odisseia no espaço’, à fachada imaginária de sua casa.