Durante más de treinta años, Jenny Holzer ha presentado sus ideas, argumentos y dolores astringentes en lugares públicos y exposiciones internacionales, incluido el 7 World Trade Center, el Reichstag, la Bienal de Venecia, los Museos Guggenheim de Nueva York y Bilbao, y el Whitney. Museo de Arte Americano. Su medio, ya sea formulado como una camiseta, como una placa o como un letrero LED, es la escritura, y la dimensión pública es parte integral de la entrega de su trabajo. Comenzando en la década de 1970 con los carteles de la ciudad de Nueva York y hasta sus recientes proyecciones de luz sobre el paisaje y la arquitectura, su práctica ha rivalizado con la ignorancia y la violencia con el humor, la bondad y el coraje moral.

Simon Christoph Krenn

Parasitic endeavours
El problema de manipular el cuerpo humano está en el asco. Si coges cabezas y torsos y los unes en una amalgama gelatinosa, obtienes un vídeo de Simon Christoph Krenn. Crea bodegones horripilantes, partes de cuerpos que se funden unas con otras, monstruos complejos a los que aplica nuevas fuerzas de la gravedad hasta que rebotan y toman el carácter de la viscosidad, parecen hechos de goma.

Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto


This net art by Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto offers us a split, fragmented, impossible dance, in a divided, multiplied space. Cyberdance consists of the combination and recombination of elements that represent the different parts of the human body. A mannequin was photographed as a model in different positions. These images were later converted to the animated form, allowing users to combine them in different ways, as well as link them to different dance terms, to the names of postures and positions of classical ballet. On a page divided into frames containing fragments of the mannequin, we can see his head, legs, torso and arms rotating, while allowing us to subdivide each frame by clicking on it, each frame composing an aberrant doll whose fragments dance, silently, independent one from the other. There is no music, no rhythm, no space. It is a digital dance, a dance in which time and space have become a platform.

Danielle Wilde

A garment with lasers that project perpendicular to, and down the length of the spine. The complex technology in this interface is the body. Though it is not always evident, the range of movement of the spine is remarkable. Magnifying and making visible the relative position and dynamic tilt of the spine is sufficient to bring attention in an intense and unique way to this part of the body. That the wearer of the garment cannot see the lights projecting from their back serves to intensify this focus. The whole seems to enhance the poetic valence of movement of the entire torso, with the spinal column demarcated as the experiential, physical and energetic core.

Geumhyung Jeong

Homemade RC Toy
Her new installation centers on five human-scale, remote-control sculptures that she cobbled together from metal brackets, batteries, wires, dental study props, and disassembled mannequins. Surrounding them are stepped plinths whose bright colors echo the robot sculptures’ wiring. The plinths display fetishistic agglomerations of spare parts: wheels, cables, gutted medical practice torsos, home repair parts. In their default state, the sculptures are frozen, comatose, even if all that wiring and machinery certainly suggests movement. The installation is the setting for a series of live interactions between the artist and her uncanny others.

Jared Ginsburg

Torso with arm
Jared Ginsburg (born 1985, Cape Town, South Africa) graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Art in 2010, where he won the Michaelis prize as the top graduate. He currently lives and works in Cape Town.


Laser suit
taiwanese designer wei-chieh shih created this laser suit using 200 laser diodes attached to a special jacket he designed. the small laser diodes are attached to a nylon jacket that covers the wearer’s upper torso. the red lasers point out in all directions following the body’s curvature. the costume looks like a spiky design in daylight and transforms into a series are bright straight red laser beams when the lights are turned down. the final jacket design is the most finished piece, but wei-chieh shih also created a series of samples.


Torso armchair
Il tema di questo progetto è il dialogo tra un corpo inanimato, prodotto industrialmente, e il corpo animato di chi vi si siede, dove questo, attraverso il movimento domina, piega, fino a imporre forma al corpo inanimato.
Non è una scocca in plastica ma un insieme di incastri di due forme morbide, rivestite, calde, avvolgenti, dotate ognuna di possibili variazioni.

Anders Krisár

Titled Torso


دينيس أوبنهايم
데니스 오펜하임
Деннис Оппенгейм

Reading Position for Second Degree Burn

“Reading position for second degree burn”, an experiment in which he sunbathed for five hours with a book on his torso. The Time, The Sun, the Light and the Book titled Tactics: Vol II, Cavalry Artillery, by German Colonel Balck: Would it be the Enlightenment of Iron and Fire? Is it the culture that marks our bodies as we mark horses? Or just a book that Dennis took to the beach and asleep forgot about his body?