Lutz Bacher

Lutz Bacher 222

source: contemporaryartdaily

Lutz Bacher, who lives between Berkeley and New York City, occupies an important position in contemporary artistic practice. As an artist whose nationality, age and gender have been occluded for over four decades, her work becomes as much a refuge as a vehicle to respond liberally to the urgency of political and social conditions, especially in her native America. While the imagery, objects and physical spaces Lutz Bacher creates are informed by studies of ignorant and oftentimes violent human conduct such as physical abuse, treason, and complacency, she manages to escape any sort of unilateral categorization towards political, feminist, or gender-related art. Instead, Bacher’s work allows itself to be assertive and esoteric at once, humorous and intimate, real and fictitious. There is a continual reversal of roles taking place, as the person behind the artist wants to remain anonymous and the artist behind the person wants to act as an intermediary.