Martijn Engelbregt

OER Equisetum Remedie

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source: egbgnl
About Circus Engelbregt
When in doubt about the world, give the world the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes it might seem as if society is stuck in a rut. People have a habit of becoming stuck in cages they have created for themselves. This is a natural process. At the breaking point of such a process, creativity can open things up and bring about the much needed change. Circus Engelbregt is a disordering process studio that aims to increase the social sustainability in the world. We try to help institutions, communities and imaginations that are lost on a beaten path. We create installations, organizations, companies, questionnaires, reports and procedures; all inspired by existing phenomena.

We try to change people’s perceptions of the habitual and the seemingly obvious. From the calmness that comes with not knowing we try to create new movement. Circus Engelbregt works from a universal spirituality, relaxed, joyful and with our hearts and minds opened.

Circus Engelbregt is run by artists Martijn Engelbregt and Pavèl van Houten. Wherever needed they are complemented by a team of skilled freelancers.