Interstitial Space


source: oneartworld

Soo Sunny Sunny continues her exploration of installations that play with our perceptions by fracturing our vision; and by creating environments with repeated elements – often monochromatic – and rhythmic visual patterns that negate visual suppositions. Her environments are all at once experimental and controlled. Sunny’s use of materials ultimately realizes her preoccupation and readiness to explore the concerns of suffused light and space.

A recent project included large canopies of chain link fence with plastic cups inserted in the grids, accented with long strings weighted by stones. When lit from above, the soft glow of light was reminiscent of deep-sea creatures – a confounding use of familiar materials to create a meditative and improbably beautiful surround.

In this current manifestation of her inquiry, Sunny is creating layers of ‘fractal’, honeycombed walls with egg crates and air filters. The successive, receding spaces, each with its own exchange of shadow, light, and refracted patterns, is a further investigation into us – as viewers – experiencing a visually complicated depth of field.

Of her work, Sunny observes: “I explore properties of geometry, concept of space, time, and abstract mathematics with structure, pattern, and the dialogue between logical and lyrical shape. The process I employ is both scientific and intuitive. My time is spent researching physical and idealized space, and how they create a liminal interstitial (engaging) space. I am involved in re-utilization of manufactured products (quotidian materials) and the use of natural materials, which are affected by the laws and principles of physics (shadows, gravity, etc.).”

Soo Sunny Sunny received her B.F.A. in painting and sculpture from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, and her M.F.A. in sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Sunny is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell M.F.A. Grant; Grand Prize winner of the 19th Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition; Skowhegan Residency, Skowhegan, Maine, and Cité Internationale des Arts Studio Residency, Paris, France. Selected publications include Forum for Contemporary Art, New Art Examiner (2001), Art in America (2004), and Focus, Sculpture Magazine (2004).