24 Drohnen
24 Drohnen ist eine Videodemonstration der unglaublichen Drohnen von Rhizomatiks und ihrer Fähigkeit, sich auf noch nie dagewesene Weise im 3D-Raum zu bewegen. Mit komplizierten Sensorsystemen sowohl an den Drohnen als auch im Raum überprüfen die Drohnen ständig ihre Umgebung und kartieren sie, um sich zu bewegen, ohne miteinander zu kollidieren, oder mit einem Sprecher, der mitten im Drohnenschwarm steht und sie mit Gesten und Bewegungen steuert . Die Bewegung der Drohnen ist nicht nur kontrolliert und sicherer als je zuvor, das Bewusstsein der Drohnen für ihre Umgebung lässt sie bewusst erscheinen und gibt ihnen ein Gefühl der Persönlichkeit.

Liam Young & John Cale

Loop 60 Hz: Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra
A flock of autonomous DJI copters are programmed as aerial dancers and are mounted with specially engineered wireless speakers to broadcast the instruments of the band. Other copters are dressed in elaborate costumes to disguise their form and reflect light across the audience below. Against a score of original compositions and selected tracks from Cale’s seminal career this collaboration with Young imagines the possibilities of the drones as emerging cultural objects. If these technologies are no longer unseen objects overhead, or propelled along classified flight paths but brought into close and intimate relations with us then how might we see them differently. When their transmission fades, when the drones lose their signal and without their protocols for terror and surveillance, do they drop from the sky, do they fall in love or do the drones drift endlessly, forever on loop.


City of Drones

City of Drones is an interactive digital environment developed by musician John Cale, speculative architect Liam Young and digital artists FIELD. Charting the story of a lost drone drifting through an abstract cityscape, players are invited to pilot a virtual craft and remotely explore this imaginary world. Samples from Cale’s original soundscape compositions echo across the landscape as we see the city through the eyes of the drone, buzzing between the buildings, drifting endlessly, in an ambient audio visual choreography. The City of Drones digital environment accompanies Loop, 60hz, an immersive live music and drone performance. John Cale, known for experimenting with different industrial sounds in his practice, once tuned his instruments to the hum of refrigerator motors. Cale in collaboration with Liam Young now explore the soundscape of a new generation, the distant rumble of drone propellers, to be set against the visual spectacle of Young’s choreographed flying machines. Typically associated with militarised applications, each drone is repurposed here as both disembodied instrument and dynamic audio infrastructure.