Prozedurales Tuch V//002
“Ich setze Experimente mit prozedural erzeugten Strukturen fort. Dieses Mal implementiere ich einen in Houdini zusammengestellten Algorithmus über dem weiblichen Körper. Alle in Houdini erzeugten Netze. Dann auf Sketchfab hochgeladen. Alle Bilder aus Sketchfab-Modell. Sie können es in 3D in jedem Browser über den Link in meinem Profil überprüfen.” Oleg Soroko

Oleg Soroko

Procedural cloth V//002
“I’m continuing experiments with procedurally generated structures. This time I’m implementing algorithm assembled in Houdini over female body. All meshes generated in Houdini. Then uploaded to sketchfab.  All images made from sketchfab model. You can check it in 3d in any browser by the link in my profile.” Oleg Soroko

Yeh Ting Hao

Imagery Resonance
“This work-in-progress piece is about reverse oscilloscope synthesizer. When I used the ilda laser protocol to manipulate the laser graphic, I found it turned the vector graphic to stereo audio first , then the laser point started drawing by X and Y axis coordinates. So I reverse the system and made a live-control set to make 3d model data into sound.” Yeh Ting Hao