Omelia Contadina
‘Omelia Contadina’ was born out of JR’s interest in the difficulties encountered by a large number of small farmers and inhabitants of rural italy. Alice Rohrwacher explains the origins of the project: ‘last autumn, during a walk on the border between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, I told my friend and artist JR of my concerns about the destruction of the agricultural landscape, violated by the intensive monocultures with which major corporations are shaping entire territories. I told him, as the daughter of a beekeeper, of the mass death of insects that such changes bring about… At one point, we stopped at a crossroads: on all sides, uninterrupted rows of hazelnut trees filled the landscape as far as the horizon. As we looked upon this, we commented to each other that it looked like a war cemetery. On the way back we decided — if it looks like a cemetery, we have to hold a funeral. But it must be a funeral full of life!‘

alain resnais

آلان رينيه
אלן רנה
알랭 레네
Smoking/No Smoking
Smoking/No Smoking
“As “Smoking / No Smoking” opens its range of options, the viewer is faced with the question of choice. Each segment is interrupted by a card with the inscription: “Or else …”.
Thereafter, the film starts to show what would have happened if one character had chosen this path, and not another.
The second surprise comes from, suddenly, the viewer realizing (whoever embarks on the trip, of course) that he spent almost five hours with his eyes glued to the screen, seeing and living a theater of possible destinations that invariably end five years later, in the cemetery behind the local church”.INÁCIO ARAUJO