Prozedurales Tuch V//002
“Ich setze Experimente mit prozedural erzeugten Strukturen fort. Dieses Mal implementiere ich einen in Houdini zusammengestellten Algorithmus über dem weiblichen Körper. Alle in Houdini erzeugten Netze. Dann auf Sketchfab hochgeladen. Alle Bilder aus Sketchfab-Modell. Sie können es in 3D in jedem Browser über den Link in meinem Profil überprüfen.” Oleg Soroko

Oleg Soroko

Procedural cloth V//002
“I’m continuing experiments with procedurally generated structures. This time I’m implementing algorithm assembled in Houdini over female body. All meshes generated in Houdini. Then uploaded to sketchfab.  All images made from sketchfab model. You can check it in 3d in any browser by the link in my profile.” Oleg Soroko

Matt Taylor

Motion Graphics Designs
He is working on abstract art, motion graphics, and computer based arts using Cinema 4D and Houdini.

Lee Griggs

Portrait modeling experiments
In-house artist at Autodesk, creating docs and tutorials for the Arnold renderer using Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Katana. All images are rendered in camera with Arnold using multi-touch technology.

Jon Noorlander

After his organic digital sculptures, Swedish graphic designer and director Jon Noorlander comes back with a similar series titled Knitted. Still digitally, thanks to 3D modelisation softwares like Houdini et Nuke, he imagined abstract, free and organic shapes that make us think of wool threads, playing with different colors gradations.