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Luis Barragán

路易斯·巴拉甘(Luis Barragán;1902年-1988年)是最偉大的現代主義者之一,也是20世紀最重要的拉丁美洲建築師。他出生在墨西哥的一個牧場中。在牧場周圍,大片的紅色土地上有著噴泉和花園的小房子,教堂和熙攘的鄉村市集散落在這些私家宅院之間。來自童年時的生活環境帶給了巴拉甘極為深刻的印象。色彩成為了巴拉甘的鮮明的個人標誌,後來也成為了墨西哥建築中的重要設計元素。

Luis Barragán


Rick Owens

Spring Summer 2020
Rick Owens’ Bauhaus Aztec priestesses were some kind of bad-asses. Gliding around the Palais de Tokyo fountain, they presided over a ceremony of wands and bubbles while sporting chrome headdresses glinting like car hood ornaments. It was a kick. Owens was feeling nostalgic, as it turns out. Using blasts of Luis Barragán color, folkloric sequins and volumes with the grandiosity of couture, Owens mined his Mixtec heritage. (His mom, Connie, is Mexican, and his dad, John, worked in the public court system as a Spanish-English translator defending farm workers’ rights.)