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The script of physical actions is inspired by the Japanese film A ballad de Naraiama (1983), by Shohei Imamura, the one with tearing images, like that of the son carrying his mother on his back, embraced by the wind, climbing the mountain to put her on the summit until death, as the local tradition says that every septuagenarian must have an equal destiny. In the same village in the late 19th century, parents used to sell babies to survive. These material and spiritual miseries do not bring literals to the stage. Rather, they are essentials that make the show a fabulous visual poem written in and with the body and the scenic space. The song is also celebrated at the height, with moments such as Stravinski’s The Bird of Fire suite, and the song Fline on you crazy diamond, by the band Pink Floyd.

The Dark Side Of The Rainbow

The Dark Side of the Rainbow (O Lado Sombrio do Arco Íris) nada mais é do que a exibição do filme O Mágico de Oz (The Wizard of Oz, 1939), feita de maneira simultânea ao álbum The Dark Side of the Moon, lançado em 1973 pelo Pink Floyd. Enquanto a exibição do filme vai rolando junto ao disco, acontece um verdadeiro festival de efeitos minuciosamente sincronizados, dando a impressão de que o álbum da banda inglesa foi totalmente gravado de acordo com o filme, o que segundo os músicos não passa de balela.