Miyata Jiro
“Miyata Jiro” by Momoyo Torimitsu is a life size replica of the typical Japanese businessman. Sporting a suit, glasses, and a receding hair line complete with a comb-over, Miyata has mechanically crawled the metropolises of New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney. With the aid of the artist in full nurse costume, the duo engages street and business life (Miyata has crawled the likes of Wall Street and La Defense — epicenters of business cultures as well as typical touristic destinations). The performance and audience reactions were videotaped and photographed and six monitors at the Dikeou Collection play the respective videos, each identified by a small flag for the country in which the crawl took place.


سيباستيان ارازوريز
Wall Street Nation
“华尔街之国”塞巴斯蒂安·埃拉祖里兹(Sebastian Errazuriz),2012年,纽约公共干预。塞巴斯蒂安·埃拉祖里兹(Sebastian Errazuriz)揭开了他最新的项目“华尔街之国”的面纱。通过将白色字母“ S”简单地涂在每个字母上,艺术家已逐渐开始将街道线转换为“美元符号”。该项目希望表达人们当前正在经历的恐惧和无能,同时看到越来越多的贪婪正在改变我们的生活方式。 “恐怕贪婪正在迅速改变我们所知道的生活;在驱逐房屋所有者的同时,被认为“太大而不能倒闭”的银行无耻地与市民赌博是很正常的事情。 99%的人被自己的警察吓倒了,而法官则裁定公司享有与人民同等的权利。现在,公司正向Super PAC中注入不受管制的资金,以影响选举并确保政客安全,这些政客将继续放松对市场的管制并赚取更多的钱。一切都一发不可收拾;贪婪正在接管,人们正在失去所有的比例感和正义感。”艺术家希望他在街道上画的美元符号能被其他人所占据,他们也相信贪婪已经占领了他们的城市并取代了他们的生活方式。 “如果人们因改变一切的贪婪而感到无能为力而感到困惑,我邀请他们拿画笔和一罐油漆,并将他们的街道线改为美元符号。同时,我需要去在华尔街标记一些美元符号……”


In “DATA”, SpY offers a reflection on the rapid and widespread inclusion of algorithms in numerous aspects of our lives. In this audio-visual work, digital abstraction is used to explore and interpret how predictive tools operated through algorithms and artificial intelligence are highly beneficial in terms of aspects such as communication, research and medicine, but can also lead us to lose some of our freedoms if they are not used ethically.
Through this immersive audio-visual format, SpY explores new tools such as the holographic fabrics used to give the graphics an amazing sense of weightlessness. A 15-metre high screen made from this fabric was installed in one of Madrid’s smallest streets between the walls of the buildings.

Michael Pinsky

Transparent Room
Transparent Room suspends viewers in a virtual space where they see through walls to hidden rooms and city streets, and through ceilings to the sky. The room’s confining walls are replaced by projections of the outside world, its time accelerated as clouds speed by and as cars and pedestrians alike race down the street. In this caricatured passing of time, views of the cityscape and of the building’s interiors are magnified, first showing details, then textures and, finally, just single colours.


emerging colorspace
Julian Adenauer and Michael Haas
Emerging Colorspace was a robotic drawing installation, realized by the Berlin based duo of artists, designers and inventors Julian Adenauer and Michael Haas, aka Sonice Development, as part of the Red Never Follows exhibition the Saatchi Gallery in London last summer. A new version of the studio’s Vertwalker, a machine with the ability to move on vertical surfaces, walking on buildings, and crawling on interior walls. The machine autonomously applied paint to the wall using a marker, referencing the vertical streets in Minority Report, the flying cars in Bladerunner and 5th Element, or Spiderman, the Silver Surfer and the Green Goblin – just to name a few sources of inspiration that expressed the supernatural. Thousands of lines drawn with different colors gradually formed an increasingly dense colorspace that emerged during the more than 200 exhibition hours, while the wandering behavior of the machine followed simple algorithmic rules with random elements. The result was a web that constantly changed, and never looked the same, exploring new territories and the future in a way ordinary mortals can’t.