Kanlun Cen

The Undercurrent

In the installation, the distorted image projected on the tabletop is reflected in the cylindrical mirror. While one sequence is distorted and reminiscent of a dreamlike state or the hazy inner workings of the mind, the other is clear and in proportion, which enables us to decipher the anamorphic image, thus to confront the “undercurrent” in our mind.

file festival


Anamorphic sculpture



La anamorfosis es una ilusión óptica por la cual imágenes pintadas sobre espacios tridimensionales cobran forma cuando el espectador se sitúa en un determinado lugar. El fotógrafo francés Fanette Guilloud, de tan sólo 21 años, ha incursionado en esta técnica en su serie de trabajos Géométrie de l’impossible (Geometría de lo Imposible), donde no sólo nos muestra lo que puede lograrse con la anamorfosis, sino que además cada una de las imágenes es, justamente, un objeto imposible. es decir un objeto imaginario cuya construcción real jamás podría realizarse.


anamorphic projection

Artist Stephen Doyle of Doyle Partners (of paper sculpture fame) just completed this excellent anamorphic projection for the New York Times magazine using blue tape. The project involved taping the various words of traits being taught at KIPP Infinity middle school in Manhattan, of which “grit” is one. The photo is great and I also enjoyed the making-of video showing just how it’s done.

Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic sculpture

London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz creates amazing anamorphic sculptures that can only be seen in their own reflections. In fact, without the mirror cylinder, most of his pieces would look like rubbish.
To create these sculptures, Jonty first scans a three-dimensional object, then uses computational software to come up with new physical forms.
“Finding that line between art and science is the underlying motivator in my art life,” says Jonty. “At heart I’m an artist scientist archetype that loves projects and people. Each of the art works and ventures on this site represent a part of what I am.”