纪尧姆·马明(Guillaume marmin)和弗雷德里克·马洛洛(Frédéricmarolleau)通过在“原声”中进行视觉抽象来传达精神实质,“原声”是魁北克蒙特利尔第七届色彩节的视听合。通过各种方式探索了“ Hara”,这是日本习惯的能量解剖学之。音乐和灯光在紧张和平静的状态中穿行,为每位访客带来独特的沉思体

guillaume marmin & frederic marolleau

Guillaume marmin and Frédéric marolleau convey spiritual essence through visual abstraction in ‘hara’, an audio-visual collaboration for the 7th chromatic festival in montréal, québec. ‘Hara’, the anatomical home of energy according to japanese custom, is explored by various means. Music and light move through states of tension and calm, creating for each visitor a unique contemplative experience.

Jiabao Li

Through three perceptual machines, TransVision questions the habitual ways in which we interpret and understand the visual world intervened by digital media, and how technology mediates the way we perceive reality. We have observed an increase in allergies and intolerances in modern society. Hypersensitivities are emerging not only medically but also mentally. Digital media reinforce people’s tendency to overreact through the viral spread of information and amplification of opinions, making us hypersensitive to our sociopolitical environment. By creating an artificial allergy to the color red, this machine manifests the nonsensical hypersensitivity created by digital media. In nocebo mode, red expands, which is similar to social medias amplification effect; in placebo mode, red shrinks, like our filtered communication landscape where we can unfollow people with different opinions.