Anicka Yi

In Love with the World
“I wanted to expand on the ideas from Venice, to explore the poetic and philosophical potential of machines. How can humans and machines be companions and kin of one another, not fulfill this master-slave binary of machines or humans as overlords to the other.”Anicka Yi


Расширенный отпуск
Расширенный отпуск продемонстрировал огромный потенциал технологии AR, которая обеспечивает виртуальную перспективу в реальном мире и передает озорной юмор KAWS посредством сопоставления физического и виртуального миров. Эти виртуальные скульптуры были доступны через приложение Acute Art, и их можно было увидеть вместе с эксклюзивной выставкой NGV KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness, всеобъемлющим обзором 25-летнего творчества KAWS и его крупнейшим индивидуальным опросом на сегодняшний день. На выставке, наполненной юмором, надеждой и человечностью, было представлено более 100 работ, в том числе культовые картины, отображающие фигуры поп-культуры в более поздних масштабных многослойных работах, а также впечатляющая коллекция знаменитых скульптурных фигур KAWS.


Expanded Holiday
Expanded Holiday demonstrated the enormous potential of AR technology, which provides virtual perspectives on real-world environments, and conveys KAWS’s mischievous humour through the juxtaposition of physical and virtual worlds. These virtual sculptures were accessible via the Acute Art app and could be experienced in conjunction with the NGV’s exclusive exhibition KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness, a comprehensive survey of 25 years of KAWS’s oeuvre and his largest solo survey to date. Full of humour, hope and humanity, the exhibition featured more than 100 works including iconic paintings reappropriating pop-culture figures to more recent largescale, layered works, and an impressive collection of KAWS’s celebrated sculptural figures.


Positions of the Unknown
At the very beginning of space exploration the infrastructure to monitor the whole sky was not yet developed. So in order to find out whether foreign countries launched objects, the US government started to train citizens to observe and detect possible artificial satellites. Scattered over the allied world, these amateur scientists played a crucial part in keeping track of all men-made technology orbiting earth, until “Operation Moonwatch” was discontinued in 1975 […] “Positions of the Unknown” locates the current whereabouts of these mysterious objects by simply pointing at them as they revolve around Earth. Missing the legal proof, those unidentified artefacts remain entities of pure speculation, secret companions of us and our planet. Even so they have been sighted several times and their ubiquitous presence is therefore somehow validated, they linger in a state between existence and non-existence. Quadrature’s 52 small machines constantly follow their paths and serve as silent witnesses of the unknown.