Lin Hwai-min

cursive II
Ross MacGibbon
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
Lin Hwai-min’s Cursive II is inspired by the aesthetics of calligraphy. Set to music by John Cage, it is an exquisite meditation on the balancing of opposites presented in delicate simplicity, allowing no distraction from the details of the dance.

Jesper Just

Corporealités is a large-scale work exploring the autonomy of ballet through the immersive elements of sculpture and video. At the heart of a piece is Just’s film, displayed across a series of LED-panels strewn about the space, where close up shots of dancers from the American Ballet Theatre show their bodies affixed to electrotherapy patches. As the muscles displayed on the panels contract, notes of Fauré’s Op. 50 seem to play in tandem, providing an ominously invisible link between the film and physical space.


le Salon
Peeping Tom est une compagnie de danse-théâtre bruxelloise fondée en 2000 par Gabriela Carrizo et Franck Chartier. Leur travail recherche le comportement idiosyncratique dans les relations et expériences personnelles, ce qui fait du public un voyeur dans le monde réaliste mais onirique qu’ils créent.