Figure Discrete
Esecutori umani incontrano corpi generati dal computer, visualizzazioni calcolate del movimento incontrano droni svolazzanti! L’intelligenza artificiale e le macchine di autoapprendimento fanno apparire questa tavolozza inedita di progetti di movimento, progetti che trascendono di gran lunga i confini dell’articolazione umana, consentendo uno sguardo profondo nel mondo astratto dell’elaborazione dei dati. Il team di Rhizomatiks Research, guidato dall’artista, programmatore, designer dell’interazione e DJ giapponese Daito Manabe, riunisce il potere collettivo con un numero di esperti, tra cui i cinque ballerini ELEVENPLAY del coreografo MIKIKO e dell’artista di programmazione Kyle McDonald. Il risultato è un’immagine mozzafiato, realizzata magnificamente, insomma: visivamente sbalorditiva.

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

The Last Supper Alive
File Festival
A six minute video installation that brings to life the famous late 16th century work by Leonardo Da Vinci. The slight movements of the figures enhance the choral nature of the Last Supper, with a very measured and meticulous direction that overcomes the fixity of the painting adorning the wall of the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, bringing it back to life and providing it with a new spatial context.

Takuya Matsunobu and Yasuaki Kakehi

Coworo is an installation with a shape changing liquid that loses its texture under a spotlight and looks almost solid. After a while, bubbles appear on the surface and disappear again, as if it were breathing. The waves gradually change their size, position, and frequency and develop into physical, continual, kinetic, three-dimensional animations that extend beyond the discrete 2D pixel pattern. Through the hybrid combination of the digitally programmed machine and the organic properties of the physical material, the object creates a constant flux of ephemeral shapes and patterns.

Rhizomatiks Research ELEVENPLAY Kyle McDonald

discrete figures 2019

Human performers meet computer-generated bodies, calculated visualisations of movement meet flitting drones! Artificial intelligence and self-learning machines make this previously unseen palette of movement designs appear, designs that far transcend the boundaries of human articulateness, allowing for a deep glimpse into the abstract world of data processing. The Rhizomatiks Research team, led by Japanese artist, programmer, interaction designer and DJ Daito Manabe, gathers collective power with a number of experts, among them the five ELEVENPLAY dancers of choreographer MIKIKO as well as from coding artist Kyle McDonald. The result is a breathtaking, implemented beautifully, in short: visually stunning.


Harmonics challenges our perception of light and sound unfolding at great speed, an illusion of time blending. As the two kinetic sculptures speed up, rotating beams of light blend to form volumes of colour, while multiple discrete sounds become a major chord. Unable to process extremely fast information, our brain reads sequential sensory inputs as a single event in time. A disconnected reality perceived as a continuum, a harmonious whole.


Discrete Figures
‘Discrete Figures’ unites the performing arts and mathematics in a dramatic exploration of the relationship between the human body and computer generated movement (simulated bodies) born from mathematical analysis. As an additional layer of complexity, the performance piece utilizes drones, A.I., and machine learning in the quest for a new palette of movement to foster undiscovered modes of expressive dance that transcend the limits of conventional human subjectivity and emotional expression.


ماتيلد روسيل
Матильда Руссель
Lifes of Grass
Mathilde Roussel est une artiste française travaillant à Paris. Son travail “questionne la nature humaine dans ce qu’elle a de plus imperceptible”. Chacune de ses œuvres dévoile en effet des évolutions, mutations souvent discrètes qui s’opèrent pourtant en chacun de nous. Pour ce faire, ses installations reposent le plus souvent sur des matériaux et idées très simples mais néanmoins frappantes..


Арне Свенсон

Arne Svenson is self taught as a photographer, but his sensibility was largely formed by his early work as a therapist/educator working with severely disabled children. His vision embraces the unusual, quirky individuality of people and places and represents them with beauty, clarity and reverence. He creates most of his work within the controlled environment of the studio, and even when he ventures out to record the world, his vision is informed by the interior quality of his studio. Svenson works serially and obsessively on discrete projects which vary greatly, yet share these qualities. A sense of humor and fatalism allows Svenson to move freely from one obsession to the next, always manifest with extreme craft, diligence and love.

anna sophie berger

Ruins can be preserved, or they can offer debris from which to build. It is with such wreckage that Vienna-based artist and fashion designer Anna-Sophie Berger creates work: Her practice is not fashion or art but a bricolage built upon collisions of the two—a product of a time when these industries seek to establish market-driven “synergy” but remain discrete.

Rainer Gross

Abbeye de Noirlac
Ces installations sont avant tout des « sculptures ». En tant qu’objets, elles se découvrent tout d’abord à travers le prisme des sens, c’est-à-dire que leur perception dépend de la sensibilité de chacun face à leur tridimensionnalité et leur présence plastique, leur tactilité et qualité graphique, en tant que « dessin dans l’espace ». En même temps, le langage des formes retenues peut aussi renvoyer de façon discrète à un autre niveau de lecture, à savoir la représentation du caractère éphémère et instable de toute chose et de la futilité des actions humaines.

Susanna Fritscher

Connue pour ses interventions « minimales », discrètes et aériennes qui s’inscrivent en dialogue avec l’architecture, l’artiste d’origine autrichienne propose au Frac Franche-Comté une série de nouvelles œuvres produites pour l’occasion : Installations, pièces sonores, sculptures et dessins révèlent une œuvre sensible jouant de la transparence, de la couleur et de la lumière.more