The Heart Chamber Orchestra
File Festival – Hipersonica 

In the TERMINALBEACH Heart Chamber Orchestra (made up of artists Erich Berger and Peter Vatava), twelve musicians played pieces from the heartbeat, recorded by an electrocardiogram from data sent by sensors placed on their bodies. As the live score created in real time from the physical and emotional states of the musicians, their beats further influenced the resulting musical composition. In this way, the biological feedback loop becomes a self-generating, organic and evolving system, which creates a musical score and a show that adopts the form of open or network art, in which chance and interdependence, thus how emotional changes and computational reasoning create a biological and psychological dynamic at the same time.

Lech Majewski

The Roe’s Room
opera movie

In this “absolutely singular autobiographical film opera” (Time Out London), multi-talented composer, writer, director and artist Lech Majewski presents a stunning, intimate, and ultimately magical work of unbridled creativity. A ravishing ode to the imagination, THE ROE’S ROOM is a place where the energy of youth and the eternal power of the natural world triumph over the banalities and deprivations of the commonplace.Within their apartment, a father, mother and son bear the dulling yoke of an ordinary urban life. His mind and heart borne aloft by the cycle of the seasons and the images and music within him, the son transforms his cloistered existence into a richly poetic emotional utopia. As autumn arrives, cracking flakes of plaster become falling leaves. With spring, a cold hard floor comes alive with meadow grass and love beckons in the form of a beautiful young girl’s outstretched hand.

Luciano Berio

O trabalho eletrônico de Berio data, em grande parte, de sua passagem pelo Studio di Fonologia em Milão. Uma das obras mais influentes que produziu lá foi Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) (1958), baseada na leitura de Cathy berberiana do Ulisses de James Joyce, que pode ser considerada a primeira composição eletroacústica da história da música ocidental feita com voz e elaboração dele por meios tecnológicos. Um trabalho posterior, Visage (1961) vê Berio criando uma linguagem emocional sem palavras cortando e reorganizando uma gravação da voz de Cathy Berberian; portanto, a composição é baseada na carga simbólica e representativa de gestos e inflexões de voz, “de sons inarticulados a sílabas, de risos a lágrimas e canto, de afasia a padrões de inflexão de idiomas específicos: inglês e italiano, hebraico e dialeto napolitano ”