Frederik Heyman

Frederik Heyman’s work is a balancing act incorporating multiple media – including video, installations and photogaphy – often in a digitally altered environment. In his work, Heyman explores memory and duration, using photogrammetry and 3D scanning to depict and represent the passage of time. The hallmarks of Heyman’s work are mechanical and technological: wires, wheels, scrolling LED marquees, metal frames, clamps, industrial lights, screens and cameras. Bodies–as opposed to humans–are subject to unusual dynamics with these technological trappings. In Ceremonial Formality (2020) a contortionist is encased in a metal cage while a spectator, hooked up to wires, looks on.



Her nearby environment and the observations she makes in it form the starting point for Remty Elenga (Los Angeles, 1987) in creating new work. In doing this she likes to explore how we give meaning to various layers of reality, looking for contradictions in time and place, the visible and invisible, between what is real and what isn`t.


Table de Chuchotement
Quatre festivités uniques célébrées par des personnes de cultures distinctes sont rassemblées dans une scène archétypique de la congrégation. Les visiteurs qui s’approchent d’une table ronde remplie de plats vides découvrent que ceux-ci racontent en fait des histoires personnelles sur la signification symbolique de la nourriture et des rituels. Écrites par un écrivain, ces histoires sont basées sur des interviews et des recherches menées pour cette pièce. Le contenu change en fonction des positions des plats et de leur distance par rapport aux autres. Similitudes et particularités des différentes cérémonies culinaires explorées de manière ludique et divertissante. En changeant les constellations de table, les visiteurs révèlent de plus en plus d’histoires et s’intègrent à un spectacle participatif.

Studio TheGreenEyl 

Whispering Table
Four unique festivities celebrated by people of distinct cultures are assembled in an archetypical scene of congregation. Visitors approaching a round table filled with empty dishes discover that these are actually telling personal stories about the symbolic meaning of food and rituals. Written by a story writer, these stories are are based on interviews and research carried out for this piece. The content changes according to the dishes‘ positions and their distance to the others. Similarities and peculiarities of different food ceremonies explored in a playful and entertaining way. By changing table constellations, the visitors reveal more and more stories and become part of a participatory spectacle.