De Ceulaer Maarten

Mutation Series – Sofa

« I try to base my designs on a strong, simple and pure concept. I want to surprise, to make people smile in a very subtle way. I try to question what I see around me, and translate that in an object. I think poetry, humour and communication of ideas are very important aspects of my designs, but at the same time I want to make useful and functional objects with that way of thinking. Conceptual as they may start, my designs have to be more then just ideas. A good concept in a good product is what I try to achieve. » De Ceulaer Maarten

Romain Laurent

Ромен Лоран
Ромаин Лаурент
Comfort Zone
Artist Romain Laurent is a conceptual photographer, director, and everything in between. From high-concept ideas to fresh energetic portraits, his quirky and fantastical perspective is omnipresent.