Simon Stimberg

Bathing Lightness
Bathing in Lightness est une installation lumineuse et sonore interactive qui semble animée par une entité essaim essayant d’explorer son monde intérieur et de communiquer avec l’extérieur. Composé de 52 ampoules à filament, il visualise le mouvement d’un essaim de particules entraîné par la présence du spectateur et sa propre envie intérieure. Les visiteurs peuvent interagir avec l’installation en se déplaçant devant elle tandis que leur mouvement est suivi par l’essaim et ainsi traduit en lumière et en son – visibles à l’intérieur du groupe d’ampoules et audibles via des haut-parleurs ou des écouteurs à proximité.

German Ermics

Ombré Glass Chair

“German Ermics is a Latvian designer who has recently presented to the public his splendid Ombré Glass Chair, which embodies the perfect tribute to To Shiro Kuramata and his iconic Glass Chair (1976), considered one of the iconic furniture designers of the 20th century. The keyword of his creation is “simplicity” combined with the transparency and the apparent lightness of the material, the result is an elegant minimal work.Another peculiarity of the chair is that it was manufactured with a new industrial product, the Photobond 100, welded without the use of screws or mounting-reinforcements, thus eliminating any superficiality.” Claudia Fuggetti


Криста ван дер Ниет

The work of Krista van der Niet emerges from a dreamlike state of mind, whereby her imagination brings the things around her to life. She seems to glide along the lightness of things and grasps the beauty of the pure object. During the making process objects gain a metaphysical layer of meaning. She is the guiding factor for the viewpoint of her audience, in order to convey her perception. At this moment the sculptor becomes a photographer and you stand still together with her.

Iris Van Herpen

イリス ヴァン ヘルペン
FALL 2017

‘Aeriform’ examines the nature and anatomy of air and the idea of airborne materiality and lightness, creating negative and positive space with shadow and light. Van Herpen also drew inspiration from the Danish underwater artists Between Music who challenge the relationship between the body and its elemental surround, in a subaquatic environment where air is absent.