Thibaut Sld

S1 Pendant Light
S1 is an interactive pendant light. Its brightness and height are adjusted according to human presence. Units can be combined to generate dynamic patterns.

Fayçal Baghriche

Being self-lighted, at the same time that it rotates on its own axis, the object distorts that which it apparently seeks to represent. Therefore, the presence of an inner light, associated with the rapid movement produced by the globe’s motorization, is responsible for abstracting any border line. By fostering the internal luminosity of a planet, which is pure darkness, the work relegates the value of representation to a second level and gives rise to a set of ideas disconnected from the real. In this sense, Souvenir is a means of reconsidering in what way the demarcations that define the geopolitical scenario of this tiny globe are lost in the Earth’s infinite rotativity.


A hybrid of consumer associations, ranging from the glossy iconography of the TV commercial and the sterility of video game graphics to the luminosity of the department store poster and the smell of freshly opened cosmetics, create a subconscious lure. Her use of CGI technology in her artistic practice surpasses a simple study of digital textures (think nostalgic glitch-making) to occupy a full-fleshed, hyperreal space, usually reserved to corporate giants in advertising or entertainment.

Marina Abramovic

مارينا ابراموفيتش
מרינה אברמוביץ’

Marina Abramowić prezentowała pracę „Luminosity” z 1997 roku, która idealnie spełnia wymogi żywej rzeźby. Naga kobieta zawieszona jest z szeroko rozłożonymi rękoma na środku białej ściany, przywołując konotacje z pozycją ukrzyżowania. Na jej unieruchomione ciało pada bardzo ostre światło ze skierowanej prosto na nią lampy. Kobieta podtrzymywana jest przez rowerowe siodełko oraz podpórki pod stopy.