Bloom è un’installazione interattiva che reagisce al movimento e ai gesti del pubblico. Utilizzando un’interattività laser touch, il pubblico genera fiori digitali in fiore che creano una composizione sonora che cambia in base all’azione dell’utente. Costruita secondo un approccio parametrico di architettura sonora e visiva, l’installazione si presenta come un sistema con un elevato processo di creazione casuale. In questo senso, ogni interazione è unica e inimitabile. Il pubblico comunica direttamente al mondo digitale usando il movimento delle mani creando luci e immagini astratte. Questo esplora la pratica del movimento umano per facilitare l’espressione e la comunicazione del movimento e per progettare e sviluppare nuovi paradigmi per l’interazione con i computer attraverso il movimento.



Ouchhh will take inspiration from the notes that exist in the universe while micro-strings vibrate (Subatomic Particles) in real time and define the melodies created by the notes as “Matter” and symphonies of these melodies as “Universe”. With dastrio, Ouchhh will take 11 dimensions in abstract directions in super grade gravity theory and move them beyond space in real time. The dimensions captured intuitively in living space will constantly change and turn into reality.

Bernhard Metz – Violin
Manuel Von Der Nahmer – Violoncello
Suyang Kim – Piano

Morphing Matter Lab

Printed Paper Actuator
“Printed Paper Actuator is the project that achieves a low cost, reversible and electrical actuation and sensing method. This method that requires simple and easy fabrication steps enables our paper actuator to achieve different types of motion and even various electrical sensing abilities: touch sensing, slider, and self-bending-angle detection. We introduce a software tool that assists the design, simulation, and printing toolpath generation.” Morphing Matter Lab

Wayne McGregor


Atomos grows out of the smallest unit of matter. Bodies, movement, film, sound and light are atomised into miniature shards of intense sensation.Ten incredible dancers perform the unique style of Wayne McGregor – sculptural, rigorous, jarring and hauntingly beautiful. McGregor is accompanied by a team of sensational artists including longtime collaborators lighting designer Lucy Carter and filmmaker Ravi Deepres, and neo-classical ambient composers A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

JF Malouin

Les trois Grâces

file festival
“Les Trois Grâces” is a presence and corporeality simulation in virtual reality. Exposing the underlying power struggle implied within touch, this piece explores the trespassing  of bodily frontiers and territoriality. As a sculpture, its object is not matter, but our relationship to the other.
It offers a troubling experience of intimate proportions.

Vitamin Studio

De reis begint in de eerste dimensie, de beelden evolueren en nemen fysieke parameters en constanten op in het gedrag van de verschillende digitale deeltjes. Tijdens de interactieve audiovisuele ervaring reageren de deeltjes op de fundamentele krachten van het universum zoals zwaartekracht, elektromagnetisch, sterk nucleair en zwak nucleair. Omdat licht een fundamenteel element is als het gaat om praten over het universum, de schepping en de materie, bevat Matter een reeks lichtbuizen die reageren op het audiovisuele en deel uitmaken van de interactieve ervaring. Hoe kan het ook anders, Vitamin heeft de hele audiovisuele ervaring ontworpen met interactiviteit. Tijdens de hele ervaring kunnen gebruikers communiceren met de beelden door hun trajecten te wijzigen en parameters toe te voegen, waardoor elke passage uniek en onherhaalbaar wordt. Om de interactie uit te voeren, wordt een reeks dieptecamera’s gebruikt die de beweging vastleggen van mensen rond het afgebakende gebied om te communiceren. De 2D- en 3D-visuals zijn ontworpen met Touchdesigner, een tool waarmee je in realtime audiovisuals kunt ontwerpen, terwijl de audio is ontworpen door Carlos Vera, van, met behulp van Ableton.


Mirror Matter
In the neutrino observatory rendered in Mirror Matter, slow panning movement gives a sense of the immensity of the nearly 13,000 photo-multipliers that inhabit this strange vessel – their ‘eyes’ engineered to watch light. Another frame depicts the Hadron Collider at CERN; its architecture envisioned through lidar scans, producing a dynamic, transparent imprint in three dimensions. Described as a vision that flows through the body, it is imagined by Škarnulytė as alien archaeological vision’ with the ability to see through, and as the experience of sight farthest from the human realm. Through simultaneous perspectives, the constant surveying motion that weaves a continues thread through each video narrative, and the immersion generated by the reflective black ceiling, the viewer is imparted with this panoptical mode of perception.