Alter-Projects and Servaire & Co

Alter-Projects and Servaire & Co have partnered to design Metronome, an oscillating installation at the London Design Biennale created to trigger memories through sounds and smells. The installation is a room with a scent-diffusing physical metronome at its centre accompanied by an ASMR soundscape by designer Steve Lastro.


巧合引擎是向20世纪匈牙利作曲家GyörgyLigeti致敬的PoèmeSymphonique for 100 Metronomes致敬系列作品,他不仅使用节拍器来保持音乐时间,还作为声音事件的产生器。巧合引擎一由精确制造的发泡聚苯乙烯泡沫结构组成,其形状令人联想到露天剧场。在这种结构中,相同设计的1200个时钟排列在同心圆弧中。这些电池供电的计时设备是目前可用的最通用的批量生产模拟时钟,是从中国福州的制造商批发购买的。一个观众/听众站在中央,完全被钟表所包围,沉浸在声音中,可以最充分地参与这项工作

Shiro Takatani

ST/LL opens on a stage with a long set table, perpendicularly to the orchestra, under the eyes of the audience; on the sides of the table there are some chairs. On the background, coinciding with the inner extremity of the table, there is a projection screen developing vertically, like a painting that evokes the Japanese pictorial tradition. The perimeter of the stage is covered with a veil of water, in which everything reverberates. The whole visual structure of the work develops all around this diaphanous dimension. A man enters the scene and carries out actions on the table: he moves the cutlery, changes the position of the chairs, makes tiny gestures, which let the audience foretell that an action played on the visible will develop. To the sound of a metronome, two women and then a third one enter the scene and sit at the table making gestures that imitate a meal without food.