Malin Bülow

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Μαλίν Μπάλοου
Elastic Bonding
This vertical version of Elastic Bonding was made site specifically for the Project Space at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim. It was shown as part of Multiplié dance festival, an annual festival of contemporary dance in Norway. The project was a collaboration between Babel visningsrom and DansiT.

WOW inc

Neuro Surge
Measuring about 9 meters in height, the work pierces through the atrium of the ‘shiseido’ ginza building from the first to the second floor and creates an unprecedented display of light with the use of new advanced fibers. WOW inc. attached 150 fibers with a .9 millimeter diameter to a laser module. The laser module transmits light through the fibers, which can be controlled by touch. The interactive work visualizes the complex transmission of sensory nerves and information into a dynamic light show.


Silent Barrage

Silent Barrage has a “biological brain” that telematically connects with its “body” in a way that is familiar to humans: the brain processes sense data that it receives, and then brain and body formulate expressions through movement and mark making. But this familiarity is hidden within a sophisticated conceptual and scientific framework that is gradually decoded by the viewer. The brain consists of a neural network of embryonic rat neurons, growing in a Petri dish in a lab in Atlanta, Georgia, which exhibits the uncontrolled activity of nerve tissue that is typical of cultured nerve cells. This neural network is connected to neural interfacing electrodes that write to and read from the neurons. The thirty-six robotic pole-shaped objects of the body, meanwhile, live in whatever exhibition space is their temporary home. They have sensors that detect the presence of viewers who come in. It is from this environment that data is transmitted over the Internet, to be read by the electrodes and thus to stimulate, train or calm parts of the brain, depending on which area of the neuronal net has been addressed.

thomas karsten

Thomas Karsten was born in 1958 in Eisenach and grew up in Leipzig[…] Since 1983 he has worked for journals and magazines such as Stern, Art, Nerve (New York), Capital and others. His first individual publication received the Kodak-Fotobuchpreis in 1988. Thomas Karsten emerged internationally particularly through his previous 18 photo books which are the results of the work on different subjects of nude photography for years.


Je Grandis enfantin
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“Mes créations sont réalisées à partir de matériaux issus de notre environnement quotidien et de techniques artisanales. Peluches, vêtements usagés, capsules de café, bouteilles d’eau, boîtes de conserve… Elles sont tissées, découpées,cousues… Un flux de matériaux hétéroclites assemblés pour parler du monde tel qu’il est. Comme des peaux sursignifiantes, inondées et innervées de signes. Mes sculptures associent notre anatomie aux catastrophes naturelles, à la guerre, aux grandes dates de l’histoire…”


Vagus-Nerve-Stimulator, Gutscape


Electric Dress
«‹Electric Dress› is a powerful conflation of the tradition of the Japanese komono with modern industrial technology. Prior to her conception of this work, Tanaka had appeared in a larger than-life paper dress that was peeled away layer by layer, not unlike the peeling away of Murakami’s paintings; she was ultimately disrobed to a leotard fitted with blinking lights. Tanaka began to envision ‹Electric Dress› in 1954, when she outlined in a small notebook a remarkably prophetic connection between electrical wiring and the physiological systems that make up the human body. (…) After fabricating the actual sculpture, she costumed herself in it in the tradition of the Japanese marriage ceremony. Hundreds of light bulbs painted in primary colors lit up along the circulatory and nerve pathways of her body.»