Meiro Koizumi

Prometheus Bound
In Greek Mythology, Prometheus stole fire (technology) from Zeus and gave it to humans, and for this, he got crucified on a mountaintop, and had to endure the eternal pain as a punishment. Since the beginning of our civilization, technology has been the source of prosperity and development. But also it has been the cause of great tragedies such as war sand nuclear accidents. Setting the Aeschylus Greek tragedy “Prometheus Bound” as a starting point, Koizumi created VR (Virtual Reality) theater which deals with this age-old tension between humanity and technology, through collaboration with a person who is desperately longing for the technological advancement – a person who is suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- the deadly neurological disease that make a person paralyzed). Through the dialogues with the man about his personal life and his visions of the future, they created a sci-fi vision in which past and future, self and others, humans and machines are all merged into one sequence of abstract VR theatrical experience.

Samuel St-Aubin

Prospérité est un dispositif autonome qui manipule les grains de riz. Une pince se déplace d’un support à l’autre, saisissant sur son passage les grains qui ont été placés aléatoirement pour ensuite venir les déposer de façon ordonnée sur un deuxième support. À la suite de ce processus, les grains de riz sont ainsi alignés, mais leur orientation initiale a été conservée. Prosprérité est une machine autonome qui ne requière aucun ordinateur. Tout le fonctionnement est intégré au microcontrôleur principal ainsi qu’à ses 3 périphériques, le lecteur de grain de riz, le contrôleur de mouvement linéaire et le contrôleur de la tête (pince).


Джозефин Мексепер
Josephine Meckseper is adept at critiquing her environment. She questioned the prosperity of the art world by placing an “Out of Business” sign in the window of a gallery in Chelsea (a similarly cheeky “Help Wanted” sign attracted up to 20 applicants a day who had failed to get in on the joke). In 2012 she erected two 25-foot oil rigs in the heart of Times Square to remind unsuspecting tourists about the perils of capitalism and industrialization. Her work critically examines mass media, our consumption-obsessed society, and even our political systems.