Kevin Cooley

Fallen Water
Fallen Water explores questions about why humans are drawn to waterfalls and flowing water as a source for renewal. Waterfalls imbue subconscious associations with pristine and healthy drinking water, but what happens when the fountain can no longer renew itself? Is the water no longer pure? Cooley’s choice of subject matter strikes a deep chord with current social consciousness and anxieties about contemporary water usage and the drought crisis faced by the American West. Cooley references Blake’s famous quote from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell as context for the diametric opposites of the current water conundrum: our deep sense of entitlement to and dire dependence on this precious commodity, coupled with a pervasive obliviousness concerning the sources which supply it. As a way to connect with his personal water use, Cooley hiked into the mountains to see firsthand the snowpack (or lack thereof), streams, and aquifers which feed the water sources supplying his Los Angeles home. This multi-channel installation is an amalgamation of videos made over numerous trips to remote locations in the San Gabriel Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and locales as far away as the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado. These disconnected video vignettes coalesce, constructing a large water landscape canvasing the gallery walls and floors – reflecting the disparate and widespread origin of Los Angeles’s drinking water. The colorspace within the videos is inverted, turning the water pink, orange and yellow—channeling an altered vision of water—in which something is definitely amiss: a stark reminder of the current water crisis in the state of California.

Sonia Falcone

Windows of the Soul
In de installatie Windows of the Soul gebruikte Sonia Falcone haar spiritualiteit als centraal thema en presenteerde ze dit op de XVII Bienal de Arte de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in 2010. De video-installatie was gemaakt van dunne, verticale blokken die rond zes meter en ongelijk uitgelijnd. Op de blokken projecteerde ze video gemaakt van korte en kleurrijke componenten die elk een deel van haar persoonlijke leven vertegenwoordigden. Ze mengde kunstmatige en natuurlijke landschappen om de eenheid en het belang van beide in het menselijk bestaan ​​te benadrukken, en de boodschap die ze wilde overbrengen is dat leven mooi is, vanaf het moment van conceptie door alles wat de mens doet en voelt in zijn leven. Haar missie was om hoop te sturen en aan te geven dat er een belofte is voor een betere toekomst.

François Quévillon

Pyroclastic Trails
The work shows volcanic rocks rising from the ground that create trails of pixels. The layering of tezontle is generated by a software by modifying the size, speed, trajectory and selection of rocks from a database of photogrammetric 3D scans. Made in November 2019 in collaboration with UNAM’s Instituto de Geografía during a residency for Connecting the Dots, the work is related to research on the impact of mining activities in extinct volcanoes of Sierra de Santa Catarina located south of Mexico City. The video also shows Orbiting Bauxite and 3542 of the Meteors body of works.


H OM E OMOR PH ISM es un proyecto dirigido y animado por Ouchhh que, mediante la técnica de proyección por mapeo sobre una cúpula, muestra una serie de transformaciones geométricas inspiradas en las formas del paisaje de Nuevo Mexico: los grandes llanos, las montañas rocosas, la meseta del Colorado y las cuencas y sierras.