Daniel Canogar

Loom showcases abstract animations developed with data from real-time Google Trends. Popular queries appear momentarily as overlaid text before dissolving into a smoky abstraction. These terms are approached with an accidental lyricism —each word appears and disappears in a trail of saturation. Colors within the animation are determined by the prevalence of a specific topic; the more viral the search is online, the warmer the tones become. Stripped from headlines, graphic imagery, and statistics, each phrase inspires a contemplative experience, a chance for the viewer to ruminate on what is streaming through the collective consciousness at any given time. Loom weaves a social fabric, mixing the transcendental with the banal, to present the spirit of our time in generative motion.

Cinzia Campolese

A reflecting panel that dominates an entire space, situated right in the middle of it. Two projectors that, at the opposite sides of the panel, offer a constant flow of images that meet each other and merge together, giving life to a real “virtual window” capable of connecting the souls of two different spaces. Everything among smoky suspensions, proceeding through cones of light: a dreamlike atmosphere to demonstrate that dualities can coexist.


Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016

设计师Viktor Horsting及Rolf Snoeren同样是荷兰人,同是于一九六九年出世,因就读Arnhem Academy of Art时装设计系而认识,由于大家的作风均自由大胆,在九二年毕业时便萌合作之意。其后,两人终于组成名为Viktor & Rolf的品牌,主力推出Haute
Couture 系列。而在九九年秋冬季举行的Haute Couture Fashion Show,两人破天荒只请来一位模特儿演绎其作品,一口气为模特儿披上九件外衣,展出形式令人惊讶。到二○○○年正式推出首个Ready-to-wear 系列,以美国国旗为布料图案,实时吸引各传媒报道。
自推出第一个Ready-to-wear系列,Viktor & Rolf便正式踏上时装舞台,其带点玩味的设计及独特的时装美学概念,一直是时装传媒的焦点。以歌舞剧形式包装的○一年春夏骚,戴上绅士帽的模特儿以牛仔装束配上Smoky
Eyes,创意不凡。之后的○一年秋冬系列,就以全黑Look示人,连各模特儿及两位设计师的面孔都涂黑了,挑战All Black的极限。到○二年春夏忽然换来全白,华丽的晚装换上了白色的配搭,两位设计师的鬼主意似乎仲未间断。来到○二年秋冬,则来个蓝色为主调的系列,绝对令大家对二人独特的美学概念赞叹不绝。