London-based creative laboratory Bare Conductive was invited to team up with designers Fabio Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska in order to develop a large-scale metaphor for the idea of breathing life into a collection of responsive textile skins. ‘Contours’ is at the core of the interactive tapestry installation; a series capacitive sensors are applied to the suspended fabric substrates using conductive paint. These sensors react to the presence of a person within the vicinity and track their movements, outputting a constantly modulated ambient soundscape reminiscent of medical research environments. The abstract geometric ornamentation connects the tapestries’ individual sensors to form giant panels, serving as an acoustic feedback loop that alludes to the relationship between science and the body.

Jan Kriwol and Aneta Faner

Cette série est le fruit d’une collaboration entre le photographe polonais Jan Kriwol et la designer Aneta Faner. Inspirée par la gravure « Melancholia I » d’Albrecht Dürer, cette création dévoile un polyèdre mystérieux, dont la luminosité semble réagir à l’ambiance sonore, et semblant symboliser la mélancholie. Un rendu très réussi à découvrir à travers plusieurs clichés ainsi que de courtes vidéos au sein de l’article.