Steven Gawoski

Trench Denizens in Blue

The function of my art, visually, is to reconstitute subjects presented through scientific research, (via electron micrography, deep sea photography, or deep space imagery) into idealized forms. This method is perhaps more akin to an 18th century naturalist’s catalogue of documented specimens from far off lands, returning to be deciphered and judged under the reigning doctrines of the day.

do ho suh

specimen series refrigerator
348 West 22nd Street
Do Ho Suh est un artiste Coréen qui crée des installations spectaculaires en utilisant diverses matières et notamment le tissu polyester. Afin d’explorer les liens entre individualité et communauté, il utilise souvent le fils et le tissu pour investir l’espace. En déformant les perspectives et en jouant sur les propriétés même des matières utilisées, l’artiste met à l’épreuve notre perception de l’espace et notre place dans celui-ci. Époustouflant !


Specimen Box

The OCR began work on Specimen Box in 2014 at the request of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit. Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center monitors communications coming from hundreds of millions of PCs around the world that have become infected by botnet malware. Employing data sonification together with advanced visualization techniques, Specimen Box provides a configurable multi-sensory presentation of botnet signal activity in real time. It also features a multitouch gesture-based interface for navigating, exploring, selecting, and examining the billions of signals that have previously been collected. Users can access the collected signals based on their activity levels, the geographic locations of their sources, or their daily activity patterns over time, using clustering to group sources with similar behavior.


Ду Ху Са
specimen series