soft lab


The stair became the ideal site to produce an installation that extends to both floors and can be seen from anywhere in the office. The design of the office is very clean and contains a lot of white materials and finishes so we decided to create an installation that acts as a kind of three dimensional stained glass window that casts colored light throughout the space.



Turbine Hall

The Turbine Hall of Tate Modern is plunged into deep black gloom. At its east end, like the stained glass window of a cathedral, is a giant vertical screen. It is framed at the edges with sprocket holes, so we feel we are looking at a vast reel of film. In the centre, an ever-changing series of images: a snail on a wind-wobbled leaf, the powerful spume of a fountain, a chimney loosing trails of vapour. Sometimes the image is of the back wall of the Turbine Hall itself, but with its gridded form coloured in red, yellow and blue so it resembles a Mondrian. Or with a giant egg apparently floating from ceiling to floor.