Flicker is an immersive electronic environment of generative image and sound. A collaborative work with Oliver Bown. Based on biological models of firefly behaviour, Flicker generates an ever shifting rhythmic, meditative environment to the viewer. Flicker uses 4 channels of synchronised high definition video and 8 channels of sound to immerse the viewer in a phenomenologically rich environment of artificial life. The work is a large-scale agent-based simulation, with each agent providing a rhythmic pulse at regular intervals. Agents try to synchronise their pulse with other agents in their immediate neighbourhood. The collective pulsations of groups of local agents are spatially sonified with int exhibition space. Over time, large groups synchronise at different rates, leading to complex visual and aural structures, syncopating and constant shifting in to a long term complexity.


A Two Dogs Company

Le corps d’un géant flotte sur le petit canal, le visage tourné vers le bas. Il bouge légèrement, mais l’on ne sait pas si ce mouvement est le résultat de sa respiration ou des ondulations de l’eau. L’image est ambigue: aussi bien morte que vivante, sereine que gonflée, bienheureuse que cadavérique. Qui est cet être? Qui l’a déposé ici?