Lawrence Lek


Lawrence’s accompanying soundtrack is a delicate lattice; complex, opaque and entirely synthetic. Diva’s yearning vocals, sung in English and Mandarin, cast classical melodies over billowing, intricately arranged songs. Her voice is created with a Vocaloid voice synthesiser, giving it an uncanny feeling. Her confessional lyrics draw empathy from the listener, as she reveals her fears of becoming an irrelevant influencer, obsolete in a machine-driven age.

The lead single ‘ unreal’ is launched with a harrowing video adapted from the film.

Penique Productions

Park Lage
In the installation, an 11m x 15m x 25m orange inflatable that completely covered the historic courtyard, the viewer accesses the interior of the work and observes how the previously known space, or not, was reconfigured by a monochromatic plastic cover, through which only the shapes of a reality that has just become a work are drawn. This work makes visible a space that was previously just the place where things live. A work that the wind, the sun, the rain and the passing of people keeps alive, breathing.


태양의 공장
2015년 베니스 비엔날레 독일관에서 데뷔한 이 몰입형 작품에서 슈타이얼은 전례 없는 글로벌 데이터 흐름으로 정의되는 순간에 이미지 순환의 즐거움과 위험을 탐구합니다. 뉴스 보도, 다큐멘터리 영화, 비디오 게임, 인터넷 댄스 비디오 등 장르 간 충돌 – 태양의 공장은 빛과 가속을 모티브로 감시가 점점 더 가상의 일상적인 부분이 되었을 때 집단 저항에 여전히 사용할 수 있는 가능성을 탐구합니다. 세계. 태양의 공장은 모션 캡처 스튜디오의 강제 이동이 인공 햇빛으로 변하는 노동자의 초현실적 인 이야기를 전합니다.
Fábrica del sol
En este trabajo inmersivo, que debutó en el Pabellón Alemán de 2015 en la Bienal de Venecia, Steyerl explora los placeres y peligros de la circulación de imágenes en un momento definido por el flujo global de datos sin precedentes. Rebotando entre géneros (reportajes de noticias, películas documentales, videojuegos y videos de baile en Internet), Factory of the Sun utiliza los motivos de la luz y la aceleración para explorar qué posibilidades están todavía disponibles para la resistencia colectiva cuando la vigilancia se ha convertido en una parte mundana de una realidad cada vez más virtual. mundo. Factory of the Sun cuenta la historia surrealista de trabajadores cuyos movimientos forzados en un estudio de captura de movimiento se convierten en luz solar artificial.


Factory of the sun
In this immersive work, which debuted at the 2015 German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Steyerl probes the pleasures and perils of image circulation in a moment defined by the unprecedented global flow of data. Ricocheting between genres—news reportage, documentary film, video games, and internet dance videos—Factory of the Sun uses the motifs of light and acceleration to explore what possibilities are still available for collective resistance when surveillance has become a mundane part of an increasingly virtual world. Factory of the Sun tells the surreal story of workers whose forced moves in a motion capture studio are turned into artificial sunshine.

Bahar Yürükoğlu

Flow Through

“Flow Through takes as its departure point Bahar Yürükoğlu’s experiences during her travels to the Arctic Circle in 2015, both in the summertime, when the sun doesn’t set, and during the winter months, when darkness prevails. In the exhibition, the artist creates fictional spaces based on the dualities she observed in the Arctic region; blurring the boundaries between presence and absence, past and future, nature and civilisation, as well as cyclical movements and inevitable transformations, these installations, photographs and videos test the viewer’s perceptive capacities, and demand that the dichotomy between the subject and the object is set aside”. Duygu Demir

Kimchi and chips

99 robotic mirrors continuously move throughout the day to follow the sun like sunflowers. These mirrors, arrayed across two 5 meter tall towers and one 15 meter long track, each emit a beam of sunlight into a cloud of water mist. The beams are computationally aligned so that together they draw a bright circle in the air. Dependent entirely on the presence of the sun for its completion, the work explores the possibilities and limitations of technology to capture what is out of reach, to harness nature and bring the sun down to earth. Collaborating with the natural fluctuations in the climate, Halo appears only for moments when the wind, sun, water, and technology coincide, creating a form which exists between the material and immaterial.

Charlotte Thrane

Store Krop / Big Body

More people die in bed than anywhere else. For natural as well as for unnatural reasons. We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping. Souvent it happens in bed. From time to time we also have sex there.

Studio Bigert & Bergström

Solar Egg
The egg is made out of stainless golden mirror sheeting, its multifaceted form breaking up the surroundings that it reflects into a multiplicity of different mirror images. Landscape, mine, town, sky, sun and snow are here combined into a fragmented image that can evoke associations with the complexity spanned by today’s discussion about climate and sustainable community development.more

Francesco Cavalli

Eliogabalo (Heliogabalus)
Written in 1667 by Italian composer Francesco Cavalli, the opera is based on the life of the Roman child emperor Heliogabalus, who anointed himself a sun god and was known for overt displays of wealth, power and sexuality.more

Joel Tauber

Searching For The Impossible: The Flying Project
Blanchards Zeichnung machte mir klar, dass ich diesen Traum von der Kombination von Musik und Flucht tatsächlich verwirklichen wollte. Ich wollte mit Heliumballons fliegen, aber ich wollte Musik und Atem, um diesen Flug anzutreiben. Meine Theorie war, dass Atem plus Musik plus… sechsundvierzig Fuß Heliumballons gleich Flug wären. Der Dudelsack war entscheidend für das Funktionieren dieser Gleichung. Der Dudelsack ist das einzige Instrument, von dem ich weiß, wo man durch Drücken eines Ballons Musik machen kann. Wenn die Heliumballons aus Hörnern aufsteigen würden, die aus dem musikalischen Ballon der Dudelsackmusik kamen, wären Flug und Flug untrennbar miteinander verbunden. Vielleicht würde dies mir erlauben, die Physik und Metaphysik des Fliegens so zu kombinieren, wie es ER Brewster versuchte. Ich hatte Angst, dass ich nicht fliegen könnte. Ich hatte auch Angst, dass ich nicht herunterkommen könnte, wenn ich fliegen könnte. Ich schwebte über eine Stunde in der Luft. Ich benutzte die Ventile, um für einen Großteil des Fluges eine Höhe von 150 Fuß aufrechtzuerhalten.


Cénotaphe à Newton

Boullée promoted the idea of making architecture expressive of its purpose, a doctrine that his detractors termed architecture parlante (“talking architecture”), which was an essential element in Beaux-Arts architectural training in the later 19th century. His style was most notably exemplified in his proposal for a cenotaph (a funerary monument celebrating a figure interred elsewhere) for the English scientist Isaac Newton, who 50 years after his death became a symbol of Enlightenment ideas. The building itself was a 150 m (500 ft) tall sphere, taller than the Great Pyramids of Giza, encompassed by two large barriers circled by hundreds of cypress trees. The massive and spheric shape of the building was inspired by Boullée’s own study called “theory of bodies” where he claims that the most beautiful and perfect natural body is the sphere, which is the most prominent element of the Newton Memorial. Though the structure was never built, Boullée had many ink and wash drawings engraved and circulated widely in the professional circles in 1784. The small sarcophagus for Newton is placed at the lower pole of the sphere. The design of the memorial is intended to create the effect of day and night. The night effect occurs when the sarcophagus is illuminated by the sunlight coming through the holes in the vaulting, giving the illusion of stars in the night sky. The day effect is an armillary sphere hanging in the center that gives off a mysterious glow. Thus, the use of light in the building’s design causes the building’s interior to change its appearance.