Oval 'Ah!'

source: walterbickmannde
To see Walter Bickman’s choreography for “OVAL – Ah!” set confidently outside of the boundaries of theatrical presentation is an inspiring vision of choreography in multiple dimensions. Directed by Darko Dragicevic, the piece implies a rich mutual understanding among several artistic visions — director, choreographer, composer, and performers. It’s set to an original score by Markus Popp, a respected electronic artist from Berlin (on Thrill Jockey), and features Isabelle Rune in a carefully constructed collage of images that an audience can never really see on a stage. Here the details of movement become apparent, and while woven into the larger fabric of Bickman’s design, they have an inevitable immediacy. “OVAL – Ah!” is a look at what choreography can become in the multiple dimensions of a broader creative world – the world of recording and production.