Simulador de Doppelganger Virtual
Esta é uma instalação interativa que pode refletir o dublê virtual do visualizador. Você pode olhar objetivamente para si mesmo do ponto de vista de uma terceira pessoa. Esta máquina tem cerca de 12 CCTVs circundando e pendurados perto do rosto do visualizador e a experiência do visualizador de engenharia para mostrar sua cópia virtual nos monitores conectados. Este sistema visual vestível permite que você veja seu próprio corpo ou o ambiente ao redor da perspectiva de uma terceira pessoa, mesmo quando você está se movendo.

Hwang Kim

CCTV chandelier
“CCTV Chandelier : Virtual Doppelganger Simulator” is an interactive installation that can reflect viewer’s Virtual Doppelganger. You can look objectively into yourself in a third person’s point of view.
This machine have around 12 CCTVs surrounding and hanging near viewer’s face and engineering viewer’s experience to show their Virtual Doppelganger in the connected monitors. This wearable visual system then allows the participant to see his/her own body or the surrounding environment from a third person’s perspective even when he/she is moving. Therefore, you yourself, viewer and visitor is displayed as an object in the gallery.

Stan Douglas

When one spacecraft embarks on its journey, another is launched at the same time in a parallel reality. Alice, a solitary astronaut, is teleported to a distant planet, and so is her double. When Alice and her ship return, she assumes her mission has failed and she has somehow returned home; but she has, in fact, arrived at a world where everything is the reverse of what she once knew. Doppelgänger presents a nuanced and layered parable that powerfully addresses the slippery notion of objective truth, and the position of the ‘other’ in contemporary society.