Sasha Waltz

“Tannhäuser, a minnesinger from the court of Hermann, Landgrave of Thuringia, has been at the Venusberg for some time now and is the lover of the goddess of love. In the midst of a bacchanal, the singer recalls his earlier life among humanity. He decides to leave Venus and her heavenly kingdom to return to earth. Venus tries to hold him back. But only when he calls to the Virgin Mary does the Venusberg let him go.[…]”

Marguerite Humeau

“Oscillations” presents a group of statues made of bronze, alabaster, marble and stone, placed in a large and immersive installation. The statues represent ancient, prehistoric Venus statues, which give voice to an era 15’000 years ago, when women explored for the first time the power of psychoactive substances and the journeys of the mind. Humeau navigates between worlds with these Venuses as they are speaking statues: their voice create a space of oscillation between the human world and spirits world, taking the visitors with them in this sort of shamanistic ritual.