Mark Napier

Mark Napier has been creating artwork exclusively for the Web since 1995. He combines his training as a painter with his expertise as a software developer to create “art interfaces,” software that addresses issues of authority, ownership, and territory in the virtual world.
“A symbol of the human desire to monumentalize ideas in physical form, the Empire State Building is a subject of Mark Napier’s artwork in the past four years. This icon of American hegemony is key to exploring shifting structures of power, specifically the transition from steel to software as the medium of power in our time.”Mark Napier


줄리안 올리버
ג’וליאן אוליבר
Джулиан Оливер
the transparency grenade

Julian Oliver é um artista nascido na Nova Zelândia, desenvolvedor de software livre, professor e escritor ocasional, sediado em Madri, Espanha. Ele apresentou trabalhos e obras de arte em muitos eventos e conferências internacionais sobre arte eletrônica. Julian deu diversos workshops e aulas sobre design de jogos, desenvolvimento artístico de jogos, arquitetura virtual, design de interfaces, realidade aumentada e práticas de desenvolvimento de código aberto em todo o mundo.

Thomas Cimolaï

Miroir fuyant
My artistic approach takes place at the crossroads between object, sculpture and mediatics technologies: The materiality test the immateriality and vice-versa. All of that began with an important interest for the relationship which keepen by the spectator with outside relayed by screen and interfaces.