De nombreux projets d’Oxman utilisent des techniques d’impression et de fabrication 3D. Ils incluent le pavillon de la soie, filé par des vers à soie sur un cadre en nylon, 3 Ocean Pavilion, une plate-forme de fabrication à base d’eau qui a construit des structures de chitosane, 4 G3DP, la première imprimante 3D pour verre optiquement clair, et un ensemble de verre produit par elle, 5 et collections de vêtements imprimés en 3D et utilisables dans les défilés haute couture. Voyager vers des destinations au-delà de la planète Terre implique de voyager dans des paysages hostiles et des environnements mortels. La gravité écrasante, l’air ammoniacal, l’obscurité prolongée et les températures qui feraient bouillir le verre ou geleraient le dioxyde de carbone, éliminent presque toute probabilité de visite humaine.

Maria Guta and Adrian Ganea


Performance & live computer generated simulation

A postmodern fairytale, Cyberia takes place somewhere in a cold distant East, stretching between and endless imaginary realm and a vast physical space. It is a westwards journey towards a promised future with no arrival and no return. There is no here or there, only a twilight zone between a departure point and a simulated destination. Between digital video projections and a physical setting, using the mechanics of a video-game engine with a motion capture suit, Cyberia is the simulation of an endless pre-climax state where a performer and a CG avatar dance as one to the rhythms of an imaginary West. In a world oversaturated by digital data –mysticism and paranormal are as popular as ever. Emerging technologies are increasingly incorporated in a form of postmodern spiritualism, as Arthur C. Clarke points out: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


Miyata Jiro
“Miyata Jiro” by Momoyo Torimitsu is a life size replica of the typical Japanese businessman. Sporting a suit, glasses, and a receding hair line complete with a comb-over, Miyata has mechanically crawled the metropolises of New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney. With the aid of the artist in full nurse costume, the duo engages street and business life (Miyata has crawled the likes of Wall Street and La Defense — epicenters of business cultures as well as typical touristic destinations). The performance and audience reactions were videotaped and photographed and six monitors at the Dikeou Collection play the respective videos, each identified by a small flag for the country in which the crawl took place.


اولافور الياسون
אולאפור אליאסון
Олафур Элиассон
Infinite Staircase (Umschreibung)

Permanently installed in the atrium of an office building in Munich, two spiral staircases interlock with each other, creating a continuous loop in the form of a double helix. To plan the work, a double helix was projected onto the surface of a sphere. The heights of the steps vary slightly to compensate for the curvature of the staircases, growing shallower at the poles. Precise engineering was necessary to enable the structure to balance on one point.
The continuous loop of Umschreibung contrasts starkly with the office courtyard in Munich where it is installed. Umschreibung – which can be translated as ‘circumscription’ or ‘periphrasis’ – proposes a movement without destination, a space defined by motion rather than walls.


Riverbank House
Located on a narrow strip of land, sandwiched between a quiet riverbank and a residential neighborhood, the home’s unique form was inspired by the juxtaposed views offered by the surrounding environment. Standing on the riverbank you had views of the calm stream traveling to an unknown destination, unfazed by the birds, joggers and other small life form taking advantage of its natural serenity. However, a few steps down the bank, away from the river, revealed a startlingly contrasting view; homes and more homes, so grounded and monumental.

Alex Myers

Nothing of This is Ours
“With his strong signature, and his recognizable visual and digital language, Alex creates infinite, surrealistic worlds with colorful creatures, alchemistic symbols, buddhas and other worldly cultural heritages. In the multiplayer game installation ‘Nothing of This is Ours’, visitors can immerse themselves in the mystic landscapes, graphic patterns and polygon characters. A journey without a destination, exploring with pure instinct. Alex offers the visitors a closer look at the artistic, innovative possibilities of the art game. The game as a contemporary medium, where the newest technique and art come together and enrich the one who takes the time to play the game. Alex invites the visitor to play in M0Bi, individually or collectively, experienced and inexperienced!”



Le travail d’Elizabeth McAlpine est souvent lié à la question du temps et à l’expérience du regard. Dans « The Height of the Campanile », l’artiste a calculé la durée de son film en fonction de la hauteur de son sujet, le Campanile, de sorte qu’au final la longueur de la pellicule soit équivalente à celle de la tour. De même, le temps nécessaire pour visionner le film et le rythme du travelling effectué par la caméra correspondent. Ainsi, tandis que nombre des oeuvres de McAlpine sont basées sur le montage, la répétition et la fragmentation, « 98m » se présente comme un simple plan-séquence.
L’image, au grain apparent, est projetée au mur à la taille d’une carte postale, pendant que le film forme une boucle au sein d’une structure en verre pensée par l’artiste. La taille de la projection rappelle que Venise est devenue une destination touristique incontournable. L’utilisation du Super 8 est une évocation de la pratique amateur – précédant l’invention de la vidéo, du touriste fixant le souvenir de ses vacances pour le projeter une fois rentré à la maison. Si ce support procure à l’oeuvre un caractère daté, la boucle continue et hypnotique formée par la pellicule suggère au contraire une certaine intemporalité, semblable à celle que peut ressentir le touriste qui découvre San Marco.

Benedikt Groß

The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

We keep hearing how technology will eventually solve the problem of vehicular traffic for good. Self-driving cars will only get us halfway to that future — they’re still cars, clogging up our roads, speeding down our freeways. The personal mobility future that I’m waiting for includes autonomous drone taxis that can sail high over the city, delivering me safely to my destination.


Moon、The Fifth Element、Tintin:Destination Moon、2001:A Space Odysseyの間のどこかに、Gobelinsの学生(はい、学生)のTheo Guignard、NoéLecombre、HugoMorenoによる新しいアニメーション作品であるEclipseがあります。 不気味なサウンドトラック、神秘的な悪/良性の超常現象、不毛の月面の風景など、すべての古典的なSFの定番があり、古典的な漫画の偉人を想起させるスタイルで描かれています。 この完璧なペースで美しく雰囲気のあるアニメーションの体験を台無しにすることを恐れて、私たちが提供する準備ができているすべての情報です。
忙しすぎて4分間立ち止まって、今日の午後にSFに没頭できないと思われる場合は、優先順位を順番に決めたほうがよいでしょう。 あなたは間違っています、これは素晴らしいです、あなたはそれを見る必要があります。

Filipe Vilas-Boas

Shooting Thoughts
Филип Вилас-Боас
filipe vilas-boas has created an interactive projection called ‘shooting thought’ which enables people to generate star constellations by sending thoughts through their mobile device. these ideas connect to lasers and become shooting stars that follow any possible path that paris’ saint-eustache church’s architecture allows. the project was co-commissioned by art, culture et foi and nuit blanche paris.The pillars are the launch-pads that send the stars past arches and vaults to their destinations on the ceilings. each one reaches its on place, at its own speed and with an individual trajectory. ‘shooting thoughts’ means each person who engages with the lasers, can send their own star and be part of the display.

alain resnais

آلان رينيه
אלן רנה
알랭 레네
Smoking/No Smoking
Smoking/No Smoking
“As “Smoking / No Smoking” opens its range of options, the viewer is faced with the question of choice. Each segment is interrupted by a card with the inscription: “Or else …”.
Thereafter, the film starts to show what would have happened if one character had chosen this path, and not another.
The second surprise comes from, suddenly, the viewer realizing (whoever embarks on the trip, of course) that he spent almost five hours with his eyes glued to the screen, seeing and living a theater of possible destinations that invariably end five years later, in the cemetery behind the local church”.INÁCIO ARAUJO


Vincent Lamouroux


Fasciné par la forme des montagnes russes et par le mouvement que cette structure permet d’effectuer, les oeuvres de François Lamouroux combinent architecture et sculpture. L’artiste tente, dans sa démarche, de modifier l’espace tant au niveau visuel qu’au niveau des sensations physiques. Les installations de l’artiste cernent les espaces de divertissement, les formes de la science-fiction et du progrès. Ses oeuvres tentent “de retranscrire formellement l’aspiration au mouvement et à la projection des structures futuristes, tout en soulignant leur prédestination à l’obsolescence”. L’artiste utilise des matériaux low-tech comme du bois, de l’acier ou des néons. Vincent Lamouroux est lauréat du prix Fondation d’entreprise Ricard et expose en 2007 à la galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois à Paris.



Аниш Капур
Arcelor Mittal Orbit
Award winning London-based artist Anish Kapoor has been given the commission of a lifetime to design the spectacular new public attraction in the Olympic Park. The stunning artwork, to be entitled ‘The ArcelorMittal Orbit’, will ensure the Park remains an unrivalled visitor destination following the 2012 Games, providing the key Olympic legacy Mayor of London Boris Johnson envisaged for the East End.The breathtaking sculpture – thought to be the tallest in the UK – will consist of a continuous looping lattice of tubular steel. Standing at a gigantic 115m, it will be 22m taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York and offer unparalleled views of the entire 250 acres of the Olympic Park and London’s skyline from a special viewing platform. Visitors will be able to take a trip up the statuesque structure in a huge lift and will have the option of walking down the spiralling staircase.One of the world’s most distinguished contemporary artists, Turner Prize winning Anish Kapoor studied in London, where he is now based. He is well known for his use of rich pigment and imposing, yet popular works, such as the vast, fleshy and trumpet-like Marsyas, which filled the Tate’s Turbine Hall as part of the Unilever Series, the giant reflecting, pod like sculpture Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park and his recent record breaking show at the Royal Academy, the most successful exhibition ever presented by a contemporary artist in London.