De laatkapitalistische netwerkcultuur is geobsedeerd door het verbeteren van prestaties. TED-sprekers zijn cultidolen en delen hun geboden voor succes en productiviteit. Op sociale netwerken worden onze vrienden merken en merken worden onze vrienden. Zelfhulpboeken zijn uitwisselbaar met bedrijfsfilosofieën. In de vergaderzaal – en de weekendbijlagen – leren we onszelf vorm te geven, consequent te zijn, te opereren. Entropie verminderen. Maximaliseer de consistentie. Word een industrie van één. Je bent een motor. Op een dag vlieg je weg.


Die spätkapitalistische Netzwerkkultur ist besessen davon, die Leistung zu verbessern. TED-Sprecher sind Kultidole und teilen ihre Gebote für Erfolg und Produktivität. In sozialen Netzwerken werden unsere Freunde zu Marken, und Marken werden zu unseren Freunden. Selbsthilfebücher sind mit Geschäftsphilosophien austauschbar. Im Konferenzraum – und in den Wochenendbeilagen – lernen wir, uns selbst zu formen, konsequent zu sein und zu arbeiten. Entropie reduzieren. Maximieren Sie die Konsistenz. Werden Sie eine Branche von einem. Du bist ein Motor. Eines Tages wirst du wegfliegen.

Daan Brinkmann & Nenad Popov

Cellwise is a generative projection specifically designed for the city hall of The Hague. During the festival the city hall becomes the new habitat of a kind of ‘visual lifeform. From the façade’s neatly arranged grid of white tiles, structures of a more entropic nature emerge. Shapes start growing, bursting, dripping, crawling and creeping. Cellwise is exploring the city hall’s sterile architecture, while at the same time challenging it to look for its visual counterpoints.

Maya Alam

Interference Fit Canyon
“by Maya Alam uses an entropic drawing process to capture the coalescence of solid and fluid states of matter within a single object. The drawing is comprised of contours that delineate a cube with hard edges that appear to be soft from particular vantage points and soft edges that appear to be hard from others. These contours are mapped back onto the cube geometry in a transitional process whereby the legibility of the cube becomes progressively more inscrutable. The drawing process parallels the effects created by the presence of a cubic object within the L.A. River that disrupts the flow of water and accentuates the presence of detritus. A process of continual erosion acts differentially on the object over time, transforming its appearance and performance in relation to water flow”. Marcelyn Gow


Entropia est une performance audio-visuel initiée par le travail de Fraction sur la spatialisation sonore 3D et rejoint par les artistes LP St Arnault, Nature Graphique et la création ex nihilo afin d’explorer une représentation esthétique d’un système entropique, en rendant hommage au travail de l’architecte Richard Buckminster Fuller. L’oeuvre basée sur une sphère geodesique  audioréactive interragit en permancen avec les projection de visuels immersifs et le son.


Зе, Сара

“These works investigate movement, disintegration, and disorientation. Here I wanted to enter a two-dimensional frame and find a location that is entropic, fragmenting, spinning, and adrift. These drawings frame a fragment of a larger system that could potentially expand beyond the frame. They start from an exploration of atmosphere, fleeting situations, and environments with a specific kind of weather.”

Karla Black


Karla Black costruisce sculture site-specific su larga scala utilizzando materiali amorfi ma quotidiani, dallo sporco, al gesso e all’impasto fino alle polveri, agli spray e alle sostanze appiccicose che usiamo per rivestire i nostri corpi. Il suo lavoro reagisce alla luce e allo spazio di ogni sito con un senso di gioco e indeterminatezza. In forme che sembrano sempre sull’orlo del collasso, l’insignificante e il luogo comune sono resi trascendenti attraverso dimensioni e scala, grandi astrazioni infuse di un senso di entropia.


My Life as an Avatar 06.08
File Festival – Machinima

Annie Ok is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work is an expression of entropic congruity and organic abstract deconstruction, inspired by nature, science, mathematics, evolution, dysfunction, ambivalence and ambiguity.