أندريه تاركوفسكي
Андрей Тарковский
In Solaris (1972), Andrei Tarkovsky presents a vision of contemporary society as one that has become cut off from nature, and provides a narrative that illustrates the possibility of remaining human in the inhuman world that is the result. The film contrasts a life-affirming natural landscape to an urban, constructed landscape where the natural world is submerged and invisible. The Solaris space station is both a projection of this second, inhuman, landscape and an allegory for Tarkovsky’s view of urban life. The narrative of the film concerns the journey by the central character, Kris Kelvin (Donatas Banionis), from emotional deadness to a rediscovery of his humanity as he charts a course between these two worlds, and the role that art, whether painting, music or film, plays in this.
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Rick Owens

Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman
时装设计大师 Rick Owens 近年一直醉心于时装以外的艺术创作,在 2005 年更发布以卡板、大理石及驼鹿角制作的家具系列,先后于巴黎现代艺术博物馆及洛杉矶当代艺术美术馆展出。最近,意大利米兰三 年展设计博物馆(Triennale di Milano)将策划 Rick Owens 回顾展《Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman》,「总体艺术」 之形式呈现,展出 Rick Owens 一系列时装及家具、电影、平面设计、出版物藏品和最新雕塑装置,探索他整个作品的论述、创意、进化与演变,看看他如何摧毁现有信仰和偏执,同时破坏封闭的道德观,叩问社会对于美学与接受的问题。