Doug Aitken

The Garden
The Garden is a living artwork that embraces the dichotomy between the natural environment and a synthetic man-made experience. Aitken’s The Garden installation brings the viewer into the center of the artwork and asks them to physically immerse, participate and become the subject of the installation. Set inside a dark warehouse space the viewer walks inside, their eyes adjusting to become aware of thick lush jungle growing under artificial grow lights. Walking closer, the viewer enters inside the jungle and discovers a huge rectangular glass cube. Inside the glass room is a man-made environment replete with generic elements of modern life: tables and chairs, a cabinet, a sterile tableau set under bright raking lights.

Heinrich Bulthoff

Cable Robot Simulator
Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik

Eight steel cables, each with 1.4 tons of tensions, hold aloft a caged platform with a seat for one person. Using a wireless VR headset, that person can simulate experiences like flight while being zoomed in dozens of different ways. Eight retracting cables connected to a winch pull on the cage. It’s like a giant, flying VR jungle gym.


Jungle du Vide
Bai Ailin_VOID JUNGLE est une performance audiovisuelle numérique qui se déroule dans une installation d’éclairage immersive. Les faisceaux lumineux entraînés par le son sont combinés dans une variété de structures lumineuses géométriques grâce à des calculs de programme, combinant le champ sonore numérique et des chants chuchotés écrits par le créateur de musique électronique Han Chengye, donnant au public l’impression d’entrer dans un monde froid et sans fin mais plein. de tension émotionnelle.


if “Nervelevers” is anything to go by, Squarepusher’s upcoming album, Be Up A Hello, will be the closest thing we’ve had to vintage Squarepusher in years. This will be welcome news for many fans. Much like the best of Squarepusher’s catalogue, there’s a brilliant live quality to “Nervelevers.” His music often doesn’t sound like a single producer staring into a computer, but more like an incredibly tight jazz band, totally in sync. The track might not feature his virtuosic bass playing, but you can picture him slapping his bass guitar during its frantic acid line. You’re pulled through a chaotic wormhole, with only a brief respite when the glitched jungle drums break down to an almost hip-hop stagger. It’s fast, unpredictable, and most importantly, fun. Only a handful of artists can make music this complex feel like such a good time.


public art
Situé entre l’art de la rue, la poterie, la peinture, la sculpture et les bijoux, NeSpoon est un artiste de rue polonais. En mission pour broder le monde, elle enrichit l’art urbain déjà diversifié avec sa propre marque unique d’art de dentelle. En utilisant des motifs de napperons complexes, l’artiste embellit des espaces abandonnés et sans ornements dans des jungles urbaines improbables, les transformant en de superbes œuvres d’art.

Chang Funju & Han ChengYeh

Void Jungle
白靄林_Void Jungle是發生在ㄧ沉浸式燈光裝置裡的數位像表演。


Jungle – Night

kerim seiler



Electric Jungle