Arnaldo Morales

“I am fascinated with the physicality of low-tech manual devices and mechanical systems. I am aroused by their shapes, sounds, and gestures, which are beautiful descriptions of their own functions. Industrial materials—stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, and rubbers—seduce me. Artifacts of disappearing industry, I find strange and beautiful shapes in their debris that allude to sexual operations, violent actions, mysterious purposes. Their potential triggers my thought process.”

andrea ling


Felt Dress is the third dress from The Girl in the Wood Frock series, based on a fairy tale in which a girl runs away wearing a set of dresses that save her life. Each dress is an exercise in controlling one’s most immediate environment. They are also explorations of material technique and are made through a combination of high and low-tech methods, with architectural construction informing their detailing.

lucy mcrae

לוסי מקריי
لوسي مكراي

Nelle sue produzioni l’artista australiana sfida, infatti, i confini del perimetro della pelle; li estende e li fonde con l’ambiente circostante. I suoi corpi ‘aumentati’ rivelano un’estetica low-tech, fatta di carta, colla, tubi, palloncini e liquidi, e sono spesso abitati da organi esterni ed effimeri, quasi a sottolineare la fragilità del corpo umano e dei suoi equilibri[…]